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New Toys!

Yee-ha, my friend. I have received gifts from above, and I am bowing at the altar of KnitPicks. I asked for, and was granted (after suitable payment, of course), the delightful… ah, delights seen here:

That’s two balls of Merino Style in Cornflower (to hopefully round out a future shawl/stole I’m crafting–in my head, at present–in a knitty type craftership) and 7 balls of Wool of the Andes in Mist. That had a more concrete and immediate purpose, which has naturally escaped my feeble brain at the moment. Maybe it was a shawl. Yes, it was Serafina’s Shawl. I’ll have to get more yarn to make up the whole thing, though. Gosh, I love it when I don’t think things through. It adds more excitement to my life.

I also received gifts from just across the room, from my beloved. When we were at the craft store the other day (rejoicing in the fact of the Bob Ross Travel Easel), the love of my life insisted on buying me not one but two sets of knitting needles. And (and!!!) two cable needles as well. The man may look askance at the yarn stash, but he knows what makes me happy. Huzzah, I say, because I have a man who contributes to my yarny madness. *sigh* … here’s what he gave me:

(I have since taken them out of their cases and used them, of course). Yeah, I think I’ll keep him around a while.

Today I got the skinny on my scarf pal for the ScarfMe project. This is going to be awesome! I’m all excited to start hunting awesome yarns & patterns for the scarf (I hope this can be crochet and knit… better ask Cara).

Not this weekend, though. Despite my day off from work on Saturday, I have much to do. My good friend Amy and I are off to see the various wizards of wedding-dress-ness, if ever a wiz there was. We will leave our menfolk and enter a world totally run by women, for women: the bridal salon. I hope we won’t die of estrogen poisoning–neither one of us is very girly.

Note to self: wear decent underwear (the semi-public kind. The kind that–if your mother had to come get you at the hospital–would not cause her to die of shame at the sight of you in them).

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