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Listing slightly

I’ve been doing this running thing for about 3 weeks now, and I love it. I love being able to chat with my friend Lara while we run, I love having more energy, I love feeling like I’m working toward losing weight (although, so far I’ve only stopped gaining). I’m even starting to like getting up at 6:20 every morning.

What I don’t like is this very annoying pain in my behind. I’m not even being metaphorical here, either–I have a big ol’ pain in my right hip. I went to the chiropractor yesterday morning after my run and had a long-overdue adjustment (I can’t even remember the last time I had my bones popped). Turns out that my hips are so cockeyed that my right leg was visibly (to the doctor) shorter than the left. Brilliant! I’ve been running around on mis-matched legs! That’s so like me, though. I just want to do something and I jump right in before checking all the facts (for instance, checking to see if I’m symmetrical and all). At least that pain can be treated and sent packing; I also have the shin splints, which I’ve had since 1995 (my first season of high school track). They’re not really going anywhere, the buggers.

But enough of the snark-fest. I have a list of things about which I’m doing the puppy wiggle of happiness. And the Dance of Joy (PS: anyone who can identify the quote, “Numfar! Do the Dance of Joy!” gets a hat. Crocheted by me. Don’t crowd, don’t crowd.)

1. Autumn has come to northern Illinois! The temperatures have dropped, the leaves are starting to fall, and we get awesome views like this on our walks to work:

Yay! I also love autumn because I can work on the afghans and bigger pieces (possibly a sweater this season) without wilting under the brain-melting heat and humidity that make our region what it is. Plus, snuggling with the beloved is better when we don’t stink or otherwise repulse each other.

2. I’m not in high school anymore. Not that this is a recent development… I’ve been out of high school for–counting… holy hell!–seven years. Okay, so I feel a little old, but it’s way better than being a high school girl. I bring this up because I passed some on my run Tuesday morning and they were all low-riding tight pants and attitude. And they smoked! They thought it was cool, even! I’m so glad to be 25 and done with that phase of life. Not that I was Ms Sainty-Pants then (although I didn’t smoke or drink in HS, so maybe) or during college (when I did smoke and drink), but I’m done with engaging in stupid activities just to amuse my friends. And I’m just not down with the whole hip-hugger butt-cleavage thing, either.

3. I’m (I almost typed “beginning my journey”–what a dork!) starting the process of doula certification. I will be a midwife someday, and becoming a doula is sort of a stepping stone to that goal. I ordered the materials from Doulas of North America and have started in on the required reading list. Working toward a serious life goal is an awesome feeling.

4. And the most immediate: The Yarn Harlot is coming to Chicago! Wooooo-freakin’-hoooo! I’m so excited, I’m literally falling off my chair (though that may have more to do with the hip pain). She’s going to be at Arcadia Knitting on October 1st at 4pm. I’m totally going. I hope to bring some Sit-n-Stitchers with me, but if it’s just me I don’t care. She has a new bookbookbook and she’s going to talk and she’s going to sign books and she’s going to be funny and she’s going to talk about knitting and … am I becoming the crazy stalker? Sorry, didn’t mean to. ::wipes drool off keyboard::

Good stuff, eh? I think so.

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