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ADD-afflicted or Yarn Whore?

I have trouble with this one.

I’ve been dilligently working away at the Not-at-all-boring baby blanket, knowing that the babe is but weeks (eight, maybe?) away from greeting the world, and what do I do when my beloved asks if I want to hit the Michael’s? I cast the lacy confection aside, heedless of its near-the-end status and the looming due date, and run away to buy this:

It is a ball of string/thread. It is for a semi-well-conceived project that still resides in my noggin. The thread/string will team up with this shell I found on a beach in Maryland about 2 1/2 years ago and have always wanted to turn into a pendant. I never have, and it has languished in my crafty embroidery floss kit all these years. Why do I pick now to work the thing up into something? Because I’m near the end of a project, of course. Why on earth would I want to actually finish a dern project? Especially when it’s a rather easy piece and nearly finished? That would limit the drama factor, my dear. I wouldn’t have the same rush of adrenaline and mad cackling power that I get from having 7 or 8 (or 14 or 15) projects going at once, abandoning one at a critical and difficult point in favor of a peaceful little dishcloth, which in turn is tossed aside when a sassy new wool blend finds its way into my field of vision. What will I make with the sassy new wool blend? Who knows!! I don’t have a pattern for it yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something in my two binders full of patterns (maybe).

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve got the ADD, or if it’s a mere matter of being a yarn whore (in which case I know I’m not alone). There could, of course, be a deep-rooted emotional issue at fault here–one that prevents me from letting go of projects for fear of being alone (because I can finish them, you know. I just choose not to.).

By the way, I didn’t even start the thread/shell project. How lame am I?

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