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Well, I’m trying to be a good girl. I started working up the goods for Ms TitaniumRose‘s ScarfMe scarf, but I’ve only gotten 2 rows in, so it’s not very photogenic at the moment. I’m still trying to discover the absolute best way to work up this delightful yarn (which is also camera-shy just now), so the second row may find itself gone later tonight. We’ll see.

I’m also trying to learn how to increase and decrease whilst knitting (because I’ve got that shit covered in the crochet realm). It’s taking me a while because I am new to the knit, but I have high hopes for myself.

I’m even getting around to doing the wedding-planning stuff I’ve been putting off. I’m taking the Moms (mine and his) and the sisters (mine, soon to be his) and possibly the sister-in-law (his, soon to be mine) to watch me try on wedding-type dresses this Saturday (could be fun! could be insane!). And I’m hoping to have a few minutes to write to our intended officiant this weekend, to make sure he can be there to make us husband and wife (words which still make me slightly dizzy). And maybe I’ll even get to writing the caterer with some of our ideas for a meal. Maybe. Or I’ll just try to send him a mental picture of what we want and hope it shows up on the appropriate day.

(Have I distracted anyone from the topic of the baby blanket? Yes? Good. Because, really, I haven’t worked on it and probably won’t work on it and I feel guilty and horrible, but also delightfully free and unencumbered. *sigh* I’ll get to it… Sunday? Saturday night? Monday at Sit-n-Stitch? Maybe some of my Sit-n-Stitchers will point and laugh and jeer at me so much that I’ll be shamed into working on the baby blanket. Guys?)

And look what I found over at Yarnification (when I wasn’t working on the baby blanket):

You Are A: Squirrel!

sqirrelSquirrels are quick and cheerful animals who spend their time scurrying, scavenging, and playing. As a squirrel, you are often seen jumping happily from branch to branch up in the treetops. Squirrels are foragers searching for nuts and seeds, and they are social animals often seen chasing and playing with other squirrels.

You were almost a: Pony or a Monkey
You are least like a: Turtle or a ChipmunkDiscover What Cute Animal You Are!

This just cracks me up because my group of friends often talk about what animal we most resemble, and which is our power animal. Mine is–hands down–always a squirrel. I love seeing them do backflips (that actually happened), and jump from tiny tree branches, and throw nut remnants at people. I often find myself wanting to be a squirrel. What cute animal are you? I bet Nick is a monkey and Margaret is a kitten or a hedgehog.

Happy First Day of Autumn! Bring on the sweater weather!

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