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If I could form my abstract happiness into a physical form every now-and-again, it would be Sit-n-Stitch. We had so much fun last night, despite being exiled to the Fiction Room of the library (we sat in full view of the Romance section, so we got to see who was reading the trashy novels. We invited those people to come join us). Here’s what we crazy stitchers got up to last night, while our husbands, dogs, children and fiances languished without us:

We finished the afghan! (clockwise from left: Tammy, Heather, Anna, Coni [my mom! she taught me how to crochet], and Julia) Okay, Anna finished the afghan’s edging last week, but here it is, all official. We’re so proud, and so critical of it at the same time. But overall, proud as a bevy of peacocks.

This is Anna’s husband’s scarf. He gave her the yarn, requested a warm (not drafty) scarf be made from it, and she rejoiced. Significant others who support the yarn addiction are wonderful and to be prized. She did a great job on the stitching and he did a great job on the yarn choice. Heather couldn’t stop petting it.

Speaking of Heather, this is what she’s working on. It may look like a cute little hook-cozy right now, but when it grows up it will be a double-layer (I almost typed “lawyer”… sheesh) trivet for her mom. It’s ww cotton, worked in an E or F hook, in slip stitch. I hope Mary isn’t holding her breath. (just kidding, Heather, it’s lovely and you may even finish it by Christmas. In 2006.)

Speaking of moms, this is my Mom. Or rather, these are her hands. She’s making a square for the next Very Afghan, because she is a wonderful lady. She drove down to DK from Rockford just to hang out with us and stitch a little. I love her. She’s working from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans by Jan Eaton, which has become the Very Afghan project bible. Thanks, Mom!

this is Tammy’s project… a bookmark in tinytiny thread crochet. This is the third (?) one I’ve seen her make, and they’re lovely when they’re finished. The bookmark looks nearly complete here, but seconds after I snapped the picture she frogged it. Sic transit gloria, my friend.

Here is another contribution to the world of thread crochet. Wendy, who was new last night (but who will now be a fixture, we hope), was just firing off the flowers (the edging on the doily) last night. I think she made one every 10 minutes or so. She’s amazing with the stuff and very patient with everyone exclaiming over the minute size of thread and hook, and over her ability to look up and talk while crocheting (I’m still boggled).

Here’s the fun. Julia is making a lovely scarf for an equally lovely friend (or family member?), so I’m told. Her new pup loves this yarn, so it must be worked up soon or suffer the cheerful yet destructive attentions of the dog. Ribbon yarn is a slippery thing and there was much concentration on Julia’s part.

At one point last night, I was hearing bits of conversation underlaid with whispered counting. Heather was on my right, counting the number of slip stitches already made, Julia was across from me counting stitches on the ribbon yarn, Mom was next to Julia counting stitches to the increase, and Wendy was on Julia’s other side counting the flowers she was making. It felt both extremely schizophrenic and delightful at the same time. In a good way.

Here are Julia, Wendy and Anna, being industrious and lovely.

I’ve posted it on the sidebar, but I’ll mention it here too: We’ve decided that we’ll meet at The House coffee shop next time (Oct 10) because of the water, pastries, pierogi and beer. And couches. It will be extremely cozy. I used to meet with a bunch of girls for Cribbage Night at the House, but we met on a Wednesday and there was always live jazz (bad jazz) on Wednesdays, and the cover-charge dude would always try to pester us for money even though we were clearly not there to witness the jazz. Mondays, happily, are open-mic nights. Come round to The House in two weeks and you may see some crazy stitchers up on stage singing about our yarn. Actually, I hope that never happens.

In other stitchy news, I finished the baby blanket. Photos of that will have to wait until tomorrow, though, because the days go by too quickly.

Julia also brought Crochet911 to my attention. It’s like an online, 24/7 helpdesk for stitching (they also do knitting). Good stuff, ignore the primitive site look.

That is all, my chickadees. I leave you with this sparkling reminder that we are not alone.

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