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But it you can see it from here. Here’s why:

(1) My crochet class starts tonight. Am I ready? I haven’t got the handouts printed up, I don’t know where the teaching hooks are, I think the teaching stash is on the third floor of the Library (hopefully un-invaded by dust), and I’ve got people calling asking what they need to bring when they aren’t even on my class list! No m’dear, you can’t just show up! Much as I would love to teach the world to crochet in perfect harmony, I can’t handle the entire population of DeKalb all at once. I’m not sure I can even handle 10 students all by myself tonight.

(2) My Beloved informed me that he wants to change our reception location now, 9 months before the wedding. We find ourselves back at square one–finding a new ceremony site, finding a new reception blah blah meh. I nearly had a freak-out in the shower this morning (where I do most of my heavy thinking) trying to figure out (a) if our deposit on Site #1 is refundable (doubtful) and (b) what the bridesmaids are going to wear and (c) all the other details that make up a wedding, which at 8:30 are so very, very important.

My advice to all not-yet-marrieds: Elope. You still get presents if you throw a party afterward.

(3) I can’t get in touch with my friend in the Navy. He’s on a ship, the ship is on its way or already in South America, and I can’t email him. He gave me his shipboard email, and what I send keeps getting sent back. I may have written down the email address wrong, or maybe it won’t work while they’re underway (although he left 3 weeks ago… how long does it take a big ol’ Navy ship to get to South America?).

I normally wouldn’t freak out so much (yes I would–who am I kidding), but I had a dream the other night in which I saved my friend from War. Yes, I saved him from War. Not a specific war, but War in general. The concept of war, the idea of war… but in my dream there were swordfights and archers and soldiers dressed in jester costumes. Does that still count?

To balance out the tizzy I’m having, here are some good things. Pictures of Sit-n-Stitch, only a week late:

Anna, really embracing the first part of our name. We visited The House cafe on open mic night. We enjoyed most of the acts, but we didn’t enjoy the smoke. Next meeting at my house.

Here’s Wendy’s doily, the one she was working on last time. It is complete and completely lovely. The woman has magic hands.

And Julia, working on an afghan (I won’t say for whom, because apparently her family reads this blog. Hello, Julia’s family!).

This is what I worked on all night (and into the next week, and am still working on): a new bathmat. That is a Q hook you see before you (and my feet, if you look carefully), and the tamed remnants of old T-shirts. Yes, T-shirts. If ever you want a shoulder workout for very little money, crochet T-shirt scraps together. A close-up:

Why am I making a new bathmat, you may ask (I’ll pretend you did)? Because our old one looks like this:

I’m ashamed! I’m a poor housekeeper! I’ve had the bathmat too long (3 1/2 years!) and now it’s horrible. That’s why I’m making a new bathmat. I’m making one, instead of purchasing one, because I really really like cotton under my feet instead of commercial bathmats of uncertain fiber content. And because my grandmother and great-grandmothers made rugs and other useful things from old clothing and it’s nice to feel that I’m doing something (however small) that they did.

The walnut tree on the corner of my street says hello

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