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Long Weekend

But in the best possible sense. Ever.

Let me start off with this about Sit-n-Stitch, which was Monday the 24th: It was amazingly fun and knitting and crocheting both go amazingly well with wine (Thanks to Anna and to Kim for sharing their wine stash, and to Kim for bringing tasty hummus!). We had a grand old time in my living room chatting and working on Christmas presents, and I have pictures (but not of the presents!) which will have to wait until I retrieve them from my camera.

And this about my adult beginner crochet class: They’re all improving wonderfully! The first class was a little shaky, but we all rocked out and everyone went home from the second class (Tuesday night) having learned at least one new stitch–some learned everything from sc to tr! I’m so excited. We’re going to start a scarf project in 2 days, which means I have to come up with some basic patterns for them. Not a problem, really. I think I’ll just make some stitch pattern suggestions and let them go for it in terms of color and whatnot. We only have two more classes, which means that Sit-n-Stitch may be more full on the 14th. Hooray!

And the weekend was lovely. Here, let me tell you about it.

I had four days off this weekend. Four. Days. Off. Music to my ears. And for most of 3 of those days, I did nothing but knit and crochet. (I know, if I weren’t me I’d be blind with jealousy too.) Nothing else, except make food and eat food and watch a little movie here and there. It was perfect. I got so much done–a certain ScarfMe scarf was completed, and turned out better than I hoped (my own design, created on the fly); much farther along on the knit 4×4 ribbed scarf in the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (which is remarkable, because I thought this yarn wanted to be 10 other kinds of scarf–seed stitch, double moss stitch, stockinette with borders of seed, the list goes on); cast on and worked up a bunch on a new scarf; created a new gift idea which I cannot discuss because the recipients (if indeed there are any) may or may not be reading this blog. (Jeez, Kath, could you vague that up for us any?)

So that’s what I did for most of my time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday night the Beloved and I hung out with lawyer friends which was so much more hilarious than it could possibly sound. But today is when the fun really started.

I got a phone call at 5:00am and almost snarled horrible things into the phone until I remembered that I’m on call for a labor. And it was the midwife (who else calls at 5am? With good news, I mean), telling me to get on over to the lady’s house, which was fortunately here in my town (so I could wake up on the drive over). And about 5 hours later I met the most lovely baby, born at home, who has the most lovely parents and the most lovely big sister. All are well, and I got to help catch, which is a first for me. Amazing. Beautiful stuff, birth.

Last thoughts: (1) My sister Laura is one of the more hilarious people I know. (2) It turns out that Sigur Ros is the best stuff to listen to after a birth that I’ve ever heard. And on that note, I’m off now, probably to catch up on my sleep. Pictures tomorrow (of knitting, not of birth).

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