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I’ve been Miss Busy lately, what with all the Thanksgiving rigmarole, the visits to Mom&Dad’s house to cut down trees (insert “The Lumberjack Song” here), the everything else. I barely even noticed that it was FREAKING DECEMBER this morning when I typed my last post. Granted, that was before I looked out my window and saw the 8,000 inches of snow (I’m measuring horizontally here… it really only got to be 3 inches? Maybe?) and had to go shovel. That’ll bring you nose-to-nose with Reality (which, for me, inevitably ends with me getting Reality’s vicious uppercut).

So color me gobsmacked when I realized that I have only 24 days of stitching time left. No, wait. Twenty-three. Today doesn’t count because I squandered my precious time (I took some time off the early part of my work day) in useless sleep. C’mon, girl, you don’t need sleep. Anna apparently doesn’t need sleep (Oh, and Anna? Sorry about Heather and I hijacking your blog there). Anna is rocking the house when it comes to FOs, and I have only this to show:

Not sure what it is? To be honest, I’m not certain either. So far it’s a triangle of doom, frustrating the living snot out of me (ewww… gross!). Eventually it will be Clapotis, both the reason for and bane of my existence. This is the blue Malabrigo 100% Merino that I mentioned a while back. I’ve been working on it in secret (and, yes, ripping it back and cursing its name and throwing it in a dark corner while I wept over my inability to stitch both quickly and accurately–there was a stitch marker incident which I will not discuss here). If you look closely at the picture, you may notice my high school class ring on the right, finally finding its purpose in life (because it certainly did me no good while actually in high school).

Speaking of rings (and of distracting you from the fact that I lack adequate stitchy accomplishments), I ordered Nick’s wedding ring today. It is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever beheld, and he’s going to wear it in 8 months. (Holy hell, eight months!) It’s sterling silver (he picked it! He’s wonderful!) with a thin band of gold running through the center of the band, so it looks like two silver rings squishing a tiny gold ring. It’s beautiful. I’m so very very excited!

Did you forget that I haven’t been stitching? Neither did I. Crap. Well, I get to leave work early tomorrow which means I’m heading to the yarn store to buy some Lion Chenille Thick & Quick for Laura’s scarf. She gave me some worsted weight chenille, but it has entangled itself and refuses to be worked. I’ve even sent it to the corner in the hopes that it will want so badly to become a scarf that it will unsnarl itself and beg for forgiveness. No dice. Now that there are only 23 damn days of stitchy worktime left, I gotta use all the tricks I can to prevent further unnecessary freakouts. (Ha! Haha! Silly girl. There’s nothing you can do to stop them!)

Bonus Lesson Learned: I found out how to purl f&b from the Clapotis. I don’t really think it’s worth knowing, as I have to wrestle the damn thing to the ground and beat it senseless every time I get to the dreaded “pfb” part of the pattern.

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