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Oh, I Love My Sister

Everything was going so well on Thursday.

I had the day off, I slept in till 10:30 (no kids! no pets!), I knit like a crazy woman on the scarf for Libraryschool-Student sister (I discovered that when knit on size 13 needles, chenille cooperates rather nicely). I noticed the snow (lots!) and rejoiced in my enforced stay-homeyness. I shoveled (twice), and I made tasty dinner for the Beloved and myself. Huzzah, Thursday was a success.

Then came Friday.

After work I came home and picked things up (we had friends coming over), then sat down to knit on the chenille scarf for Libraryschool-Student sister. Then I get a call from Nursing-Student sister. Chit-chat, blah blah, do you have my Seven Brides for Seven Brothers DVD? (don’t laugh… every group of siblings has its own quirk) What do you want for Christmas? Do you want me to make something for you (please say no, or at least say “Oh yes, a hat!” or “One mitten would be lovely!”)? Then she says, “Did you find yarn for the scarf for Lloyd?” (her boyfriend, a lovely and charming guy, for whom apparently I was supposed to be making a scarf). Um, what?

Turns out he had admired a scarf I was knitting (the 4×4 rib scarf) (I remember him admiring it. Like I’m going to forget that) and said he wanted one in camoflage colors. I THOUGHT HE WAS JOKING. Lloyd is a jokey kind of guy. I didn’t think he was serious. Now I’m supposed to find yarn, find a pattern, and whip up a scarf for him in two weeks?! TWO WEEKS!

All this is running through my head while I’m trying to get the whole story from Nursing-Student sister (maybe he didn’t really want one, maybe he was just joking, maybe she made the whole thing up) and running to my stash to find yarn for the scarf (because I know I have some bulky-weight Wool-Ease in manly colors somewhere). I got her off the phone, cursed my stupidity for not starting an “extra” scarf for those “just in case” giftings, and rummaged through the bag of Wool-Ease. Huzzah! I have found 2 balls of “Walnut” and 1 of “Bay Harbor” — the scarf is possible!

I spent a good part of friends-over-for-drinks time last night trying to suss out a pattern that would look decent on the bulky-weight yarn (much harder than I thought, possibly due to the “drinks” part of the night), finally abandoning it after the 2nd beer thinking that there are more important things in life. Like friends. And Mad-Libs. And Jameson whiskey. And we all know where that thinking gets us… not very freakin’ far on the Christmas knitting! (I’m good at self-guilt).

I was going to sort the situation out tonight, but the snow is falling like bra straps after a senior prom and I’m not sure we’re going to make it up to my hometown. Ah well. More knitting time!

Your gratuitous Christmassy picture of the day:

(it’s Humpty Dumpty as Old Man Winter, outside the Library)

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