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And they mostly said, “Okay, that was your one freebie. Mock us again and you’ll get the exploding wires inside your house. Now go make stuff.”

I started the Lloyd Scarf on Wednesday night, just like a good little knitter (I’m going with knit instead of crochet because Lloyd likes the look […snerk, I’m sorry, that started to get a little silly with the alliteration] of a knitted rib pattern, although Pica is right–crochet is by far the fastest). Of course, I have no pictures because I’m busy knitting the dern thing (maybe tomorrow. or not.). It’s going well, and it will be done on time. I know it will, because it has to be.

In the spirit of getting my shit together (because there are 4 days left, people. Four freaking days!), I started making a list last night of the Christmas gifts we’re giving to our family this year:

  • My Mom — Clapotis in Malabrigo 100% Merino (still a soft and loving but totally impractical triangle of doom. No hope of being done for Christmas. I’m buying her something else. I think this shows remarkable maturity on my part. Or a total lack of discipline in not being able to get it done. Either way, I don’t have to think about it for 3 weeks.)
  • My Libraryschool-student Sister — chenille scarf (done!)
  • My Nursingschool-student Sister — Whatever it is, it will also include her Seven Brides for Seven Brothers DVD, and (and this is where my heart just burst with happiness and left pieces of happy bits all over my insides) I get to teach her how to knit!!! She asked me to teach her on Christmas Day, and I’m just freaking out with joy. I thought about buying her fabulous beginner yarn and fabulous needles, but she’s not sure she’s going to like it (I think she will!) so she didn’t want me to buy her the stuff. But maybe I will later. Like, after she totally falls in love with it. Mmm, yes.
  • Lloyd (nursingschool-student sister’s boyfriend) — the Lloyd Scarf (which, fortunately, I can keep knitting until Christmas Day afternoon! Woohoo!)
  • My Dad — possibly a Brian Wilson CD. Possibly something else altogether. Nothing yarny.
  • Other member of my “family” who reads this blog — I’m totally not telling. But it’s not all the way finished (85% so far).
  • My friend who took me to the ballet — the scarf from last post, which I showed to her with the explanation that no, it won’t be done for Christmas, but thank you for taking me to the ballet. She likes it.

And then I started thinking about the Beloved’s family. And that’s when I wondered if the Yarn Gods were just joking when they said I got a freebie.

  • His Mom — ??!!!
  • His Brother — ??!!!
  • His Sister-in-law — ??!!!
  • His Dad — ??!!!
  • His Stepmother — ??!!!

But then I thought of my workbasket (okay, one of my workbaskets. I have four. Don’t even ask how many workbags I have.), and how I made a bunch of scarves that I was going to sell (never got around to that) and that I kept them! They are still in my house! Now I have some options! Fortunately, he was thinking about gifts too, and we have everyone taken care of now. I can’t go into further detail because my soon-to-be SIL reads the blog (Hi Wanda!) and it would be lame to kill the surprise.

Now that I’m all organized I have to go make stuff, as bidden by the Yarn Gods. (only one more day of work–today–and then I have 6 days off! I have time to knit and crochet, and I don’t have to worry about getting caught at my desk!)

And here is another wintery picture full of cheer. (I’m very into trees, these days)

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