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The weeks of agony are over. I have finished both the crochet class I was teaching and my first-ever garment.

First, I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself. I re-wrote that pattern 3 times, actually gauge-swatched for the first time, and made something that will cover a child’s arms and torso without having to resort to clever-but-awkward pinning methods. Plus I taught a good class… all the students understood the basics of very basic garment construction, and they all left on Tuesday night with at least a half-sewn-up sweater. Rock!

But. But oh my gawd I hated this whole project, kind of. It is now 4 months until my wedding and I am feeling the breath of the hellbeast of Forgetting To Do Something Crucial on my neck; during the class time I felt like I was getting robbed of precious planning/decision-making time because I had to crochet the damn sweater pieces and re-write the pattern 3 times.

It was not pretty. And the yarn kept fuzzing out and laughing at me. Bastard yarn.

Ah well. It’s finished (except weaving ends), it’s a birthday sweater for baby Maggie (so I can cross that off my list), and I don’t have to look at it again until December (which is why the ends aren’t woven in).

Project: Baby Sweater [except it’s more like a jacket]
From: Lion Brand [annoyingly poorly written pattern – therefore no link]
Size: 12 months [this is highly suspect–it’s huge]

Yarn: Lion Brand Velvetspun [lovely finish, but nasty habit of leaving bits of fuzz everywhere]
Meduim: Crochet

Now I can spend my time working on the three wedding-season projects I have stupidly assigned myself in a fit of martha-esque “I Can Do It All Myself!” Which sounds vaguely naughty.

I’m working on Tempting from Knitty, using Malabrigo in the Tiger Lily colorway (I needed three skeins/hanks/skanks of it and Wool&Co. had only three left and I got them! and it was awsome, I tell you!!). I haven’t talked about it here because I am Sneaky McStealthypants and, well, I have fallen into the black hole of knitting where it seems no progress is made. I need 14 inches of k2 p2 rib, and I have only 8, and my goal seems ever farther.

The last picture has the most accurate color. It reminds me of orange sherbert (or sherbet or sorbet or whatever you call it. I was raised in the Midwest where it was sherbert.). I love it. I haven’t picked out a ribbon for the neckline yet, but it might be a very pale green. And Oh My God I never thought I would make myself a sweater out of Malabrigo (affordability-wise) but here it is. Sigh of contentment.

I’m also hoping to make Picovoli in time for one of my four bridal showers (Shut up. I can hear the laughter.), and make it out of the KnitPicks Shine, shown here with Ziggy for your viewing pleasure.

It’s the “orchid” color and in reality it has just a bit more purple to it. The blue kind of purple.

And of course, I have the wedding shawl. No, I have not yet cast on for my first lace project ever (Seriously, stop laughing.), but I have swatched (look! I swatched again! I’m a swatching fool!), and I plan to get at least one pattern repeat in today, as it is my day off work and I have nothing more pressing to do than the dishes and knitting and bra shopping.

(Quick aside: I don’t remember the last time I bought a bra, but I need one for the Wedding Dress. So I’m driving up to Rockford to meet my mom this afternoon to buy me a fancy long-line pushup bra–there’s a story behind this, and I’ll tell you tomorrow–and probably some fancy panties that won’t show under the skirt. Or I could just go commando to my wedding. Hmm..)

And holy crap, kiddies, it’s a freaking gorgeous day here in central Northern Illinois. I took pictures from the building’s shared balcony, but they really don’t do it justice. It’s sunny, it’s warm (finally!), there’s a nice breeze blowing through my apartment, and I am in the best mood since … probably last summer.


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Take One For The Team

Doesn’t this administration have any interns?

(sent by a friend — I don’t know the original source)

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Nine years ago today, I stood in my parents’ driveway and got all giddy and almost swallowed my heart when he said “Will you be my girlfriend?” Being nervous, I immediately countered with “Will you be my boyfriend?” and he, being nervous, said “I asked you first!”

I can’t believe that I was seventeen years old when we met. The next year we both went away to different schools and everyone said we’d never last. There are more fish in the sea. Long-distance relationships never work. You’ll meet someone else. He’ll meet someone else.

And it was hard, and over the years we have broken up and gotten back together lots of times. This time it’s for ever. For ever ever. And to commemorate this amazing achievement in the relationship category, I give you…

Nine Reasons Why I Love This Man
9. Green eyes. Swoon-worthy.
8. This weekend when I was getting overwhelmed with wedding-stuff shopping, he hugged me in the store for a really long time.
7. The most thinking-of-others man I have ever met. Generous, caring, thoughtful.
6. He’s an acrobat/stuntman at heart. He loves doing all these crazy flips and jumps and things that I’m too scared to do. He goads me into trying them, the is patiently supportive when I wimp out.
5. Best sense of humor ever.
4. He’s not a Type A personality (I am). He calms me down and reminds me that very little in this life is worth getting that worked up over.
3. He’s a handsome devil.
2. He tolerates the stash.
1. He has been so helpful in this whole wedding process that if I weren’t already doing so by marrying him, I would endow him with half of my worldly goods anyway.

Nick, you’re a good man. I am proud to be (future-ly speaking) your wife. Happy Anniversary.

(There were going to be pictures, but Blogger had other ideas.)

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My Blog, My Self

I went tanning tonight (gasp! faint! horror! what? tanning? yes!) and learned something about myself in the process.

(Don’t you just love these heartwarming after-school-special-type beginnings? Gag. Yes–I went a wee bit overboard on the cheezeball factor. Life is cheezey in spots. Whatever.)

Okay. So, tonight was my first time tanning. I was waiting in line to sign up and get my splendid dark spectacles, completely surrounded by college-age women, all blonde and thin and already tan, and I felt like it was my first day of school or something. I’m 5’6″ and 160 lbs (which is 15 to 20 more than I weighed in college) and have been working in a basement with flourescent lighting for the past two years. I am not at my spiffiest. Sigh. Soldier on.

I get to a room with a plastic bed (or time machine, if you watch Family Guy) and the dude kind of rushes through the spiel and I ask a question and he sort of answers before he dashes back to the desk to deal with the other people in line (for we must get our post-spring break tans. Yes.) So I strip down (I’m naked in semi-public! Dear god!) and climb into the bed and push the button and the blue lights go on and I’ve got my eyes firmly shut with the splendid dark spectacles over them and I’m trying to relax and then I remember something:

I forgot to lock the door.

And so, for the next eight minutes I am completely freaking out. Every sound that I hear is people opening the door to my little tanning room and making fun of my chubby, naked body with THREE MONTHS WORTH OF LEG HAIR! And I couldn’t get up to lock the door because I am terrified of those blue lights and what they might do to my eyes and what if I go blind and oh my god everything is awful.

And then it was over and I got dressed and left. And no one pointed, laughed, or combined the two so I think I was just imagining the public mocking. (but I will shave my legs before the next time I go. Probably.)

So, perhaps I had a point around here somewhere? Ah yes. The point is that I haven’t really written about much other than knitting here, and it was because I feared the public point-and-laugh (or worse, the chasing-everyone-away). Ridiculous, really. I started this blog to join the crochet/knit/yarn community in a bigger way and it’s silly to think that I could only write about yarn-related topics for the rest of my life.

If I tell the internets (or the 7 people who read this stuff) about my weight and my leg hair… I don’t know what will happen. But it beats hiding behind yarn.

(oh my god, I just visualized playing hide-and-seek in a huge yarn shop. That’s probably what heaven is like.)

(and did you notice the kind of (okay, a lot) cheezeball ending? Full circle, man. It’s awesome.)

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Drunken Knitting

A few weeks ago (or was it last weekend? I have no idea) I taught some friends how to knit.


Let me be a little more precise.

We were drinking and the yarn and needles came out and there was some learning, but it’s unclear at this point how much actually stuck.

Trying to teach the long-tail cast-on while drinking a beer was quite an experience. Which became easier once I said “Think of your thumb and forefinger as a speculum.” I imagine that only works with women.

L. and C. both learned how to cast-on (we will have the largest dishcloth ever when we’re done) and knit, and have declared knitting the new preferred pastime when drinking. The dishcloth is now the community dishcloth and everyone will be made to knit a few when throwing back a few.

At least, these were the rules we came up with after several rows and several more beers.

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Is it in fact possible that 12 of you are spending more than an hour at my blog?
That’s what Statcounter is telling me, via the little yellow piece of the pie chart.
Alright, who is it?
Mom? Is it you?

Because really, though I find myself terribly witty and highly amusing at all times, I don’t know that twelve other people–to whom I’m not related–think something similar.

(But if you do, that’s awesome and I appreciate the curve-setting.)

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish

(at least in theory)

I found this picture on my work computer today. That’s Maribeth, me and Laura on Christmas Day 2004.

My sisters are amazing. Laura is going to Library School, working part time, and helping me plan the heck out of my wedding. She’s doing a damn good job of it, too. She also drove to DeKalb from Rockton (driving time: 1 hour) to see me on Tuesday night, because she wanted to give me a hug. She’s a super lady.

Maribeth is a CNA, working full-time and going to school full-time. She is the bubbliest, happiest person I know, even when she’s tired and cranky. Making her smile is so easy. She is recently engaged, but told me that she didn’t want to steal my thunder (her words) and usurp (my word) my star-of-the-show “Bride!” status. Thoughtful doesn’t begin to describe her.

I’m super lucky to have these wonderful women as sisters (and bridesmaids!) and I wanted to tell the world that I love them. And I did.

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