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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

This is my Mom, and she is amazing.
She has three children and also another full-time job.
She went back to school not only for her Bachelor’s degree, but also for her Master’s degree. She started the BS when I was a junior in High School and took night classes, and worked, and made sure three kids got lunch and homework help when they needed it.
She knows how to pluck a chicken, can a winter’s worth of food, and drive a circa-1966 tractor.
She can sew anydamnthing you ask her to (including the occasional “I’m A Flower In the School Play” costume). Witness the photo, in which she’s holding a pattern she’s never seen before and saying, “Oh yes, this is this and this is how that goes and it’s very easy, Kathy, just try.”

My Mom gave me my first lessons in healthy and natural eating (though at the time I thought it was a cruel joke–sorry, Mom).
My Mom is teaching me how to plan a huge party for 250+ guests, and how to be organized and not crazy while doing so.
My Mom taught me all the rules, and kept her cool when I decided to break almost all of them.
My Mom will tell me my birth story as often as I ask her to, and it never ceases to amaze me.
(My Mom bowled the best game of her life about 5 hours before going into labor with me — that’s my favorite part!)

Thanks for being amazing, Mom. I love you.

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