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What The Hell?

There seems to have been a dearth of knitting/crochet content on this blog of late. (Of late? Dearth?) And it’s because I’ve been sick with a minor cold, from which I have nearly recovered. There are still some residual brain-full-of-snot moments when I don’t remember my name, much less what I’m knitting. I think I went 4 or 5 days without stitching there, and it was horrible.

But, I’m feeling better and last night I went to Borders to stitch with the SnB ladies. For a while it was just me and Sandi, and we had a surprisingly calm stitch-fest. She was working on a crocheted hat for her daughter (or she wasn’t, if her daughter is reading this…) and swearing a lot. I was trying to untangle yarn for the wedding shawl and swearing a lot:

Good times.

I eventually renounced the glittery, mocking, knotted up yarn for the Tempting, which is coming along nicely stuck in the black hole of knitting (aside: If you google “black hole of knitting” a bunch of unrelated astronomy stuff comes up, but the Harlot gets the first two results. glee!). I’ve been knitting for eleventy-hundred years on that thing (minus the time I was sick, of course) and it’s. still. the. same. Always with three inches left to go to finish the pattern. Always three! Why? Why three? Is there some mysterious connection between my orange ribbed sweater (a 2×2 rib) and the number three?? And if there is, am I going to find a hatch or a black rock at some point? And maybe a sexy Matthew Fox?

Right.. what? Sexy…? Right, the sweater. Well. Here is a picture of it, well and truly settled in the black hole, and not budging one little bit, the wretched thing:

Okay, that’s where I was well before the cold hit, and that’s where I remain, after 4 (? or maybe 3? Three!! ARGH!!) more days of good knitting. I picked it up last night after banishing the glittery wedding-shawl yarn to its bag and what do I find?

This! I found this on my knitting. What the hell is it? I HAVE NO IDEA. It happened when I was joining new yarn, and possibly also drinking the beer. I can’t tell what is attatched to anything, or how that little float managed to exist (although when a sweater dwells in a black hole, all manner of weird things can happen to it, I suppose). I don’t understand it. Fortunately it’s on the inside of the sweater, and on a sleeve (I really don’t know if it is fortunate, but I’m trying to make the best of things, alright?). When Heather came to SnB I showed it to her and she declared a need to tink back and correct it. Are you kidding? I don’t even know what it is or how it got there! I’m not going to mess with it now. Plus, the black hole will only get worse and then I’ll be trapped there forever and dammit, I just want the sweater to be done at this point.

Sigh. I’ll look at it later today and see if it’s horrible. If it’s not horrible, though, I’m probably not going to fix it, as it’s on the inside of the sleeve and doesn’t appear to be pulling or pinching or any other annoying verb.

(And Thursday I’ll tell you all about this:

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