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In the swirling madness that was my wedding preparation, I forgot that Sunday the 23rd of July was my blogiversary.


Way to go, little blog!


I started this bloggyblog in the hopes that it would take the place of the monthly newsletter I was sending out to all my past crochet students who expressed interest in getting updates & new info between class sessions. It didn’t really work out that way. Very few people cared enough to check in with a website–a quality that astonished me, as I had just discovered crocheting and knitting blogs and loved that everyone was sharing their progress (struggles and all), and couldn’t wait to read what everyone was going to say next. I also started wanted to write more for myself and less as a font of information for a group of stitchers who were not nearly as rabid as I was about the idea of staying up-to-the-minute current on the latest stitch-type news, or learning every possible technique all at once (or at least were not as vocal about it as I was). I also wanted to write better (after 3 years of writing mosly APA-style lab papers, my skills were honed to a sponge-like dullness).

And thus was born the blog you see today.


When I named it “get your hook on”, of course, I was a crocheter with absolutely no knitting aspriations. Now that I have a foot planted firmly in either camp (but with a definite leaning toward knitting), I’m considering a name change but have no real plans for that. I don’t know how it would go over or what I would change it to.

(Yes, I just ended a sentence–nay, a paragraph!–with a preposition. Having just read The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson, I learned that the injunction against ending sentences with a preposition began with some dude’s opinion that it doesn’t look nice, and got put into some Great English Rulebook and is now official and stuff. While I’m usually a stickler for grammar and rules, it makes me chuckle to know that the rules sprouted from some random guy’s mildly expressed opinion, and that they have led to sentence constructions such as “That is something up with which we will not put!” [a true story… one of Nick’s law school professors said it. Jokingly, one presumes] There’s probably some rule against massive and constant use of parentheticals, but you can see how well I adhere to that one.)


. So yes, blogiversary number one has come and gone, and I am done with wedding planning for the rest of my life (so help me, if I have a daughter I will run away to Azerbaijan if she wants a big wedding and just show up the day of. So very supportive.), and I hope to make some changes around here in the housekeeping department. You know, keep up with my projects on the sidebar, join a swap or two, start a weekly something that makes me think (as you can see, any sort of kick in the pants in that direction will be welcome). We’ll see what happens.

*(All the pictures? They’re projects that I started over the past year and have not yet finished. I hope to better myself this year.)


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