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Ah, Mallrats.

I’m not sure if it’s that I’m newly back to knitting after the Great Interruption Called “Wedding,” or if it’s the weather, or if I’m merely bored with all my current projects-in-progress (It could be that… and I’m sure I could kick my boredom with new yarn! or needles! or notions!Thank something I’m headed to Stitches this Friday), but I am not in the knitterly mindset. I look at my projects and just sigh and grab another bottle of wine. Jen of JenLa called it knennui, and I think I am well within its grasp.

As a result, you get a fun and tasty random post today! Huzzah!

FOs (Found Objects, not Finished ones)
In my daily search for knit- and crochet- and yarn-related stuff on the internet (also known in some circles as “work time”) I came across this delightful site. It’s where patterns go when no one else wants them. Be sure to check out the essay “How to Felt with Acrylic.”

I also found–and it just warms my midwestern heart to say it–corn yarn at Kollage Yarns. Yes, corn-based yarn. I have to buy some just to be able to say “I’m knitting with corn!” and maybe knit with corn yarn in a cornfield (of which we have many here, and by “many” I mean “they cover the land and you cannot see the end of them.”) You can buy it here if you like, and the site says that The Yarn Exchange carries it, but I haven’t seen it there yet.

And if you haven’t heard, the internet is endangered. You think I’m kidding. Wait till your internet content is being chosen by AT&T. Do what you can to tell lawmakers that this is a dumb idea, and the internet will love you forever.

Another Found Object
Remember when I said I was missing a dpn? Well, my fantastic and fastidious husband (I still find this to be the most fun thing to say out loud) found it for me while cleaning out the car. Hooray! Not that I was knitting while driving or anything. Right. (the search for the corset continues)

In which my tendency to favor thickly forested areas and leave unexplained trails is, um, explained
It turns out that I may have to change my name to Kathy Sasquatch. In looking for sock patterns like this one and this one and this one and this one(which I totally love), I began to (a) notice the patterns are written for different sizes, and (b) wonder what size my foot might be. My foot is 8.75 inches around at the ball, which means I have to make the bigger sizes in all of those. Bigfoot feet! This totally weirds me out, because my feet don’t seem to be all that big. I mean, I’m 5 foot 6 inches tall so size 8 feet don’t seem that out of line. Plus, PLUS I had a whole bunch of foot surgery 3 years ago or something, in which they took off the bunion that was making my foot be superwide. And yet, I still have big feet. For some reason, this hurts my pride a little.

Less a Stitch-n-Bitch and more like a Drink-n-Bitch, but still
On Monday, Heather and Sandi and I had dinner at the Thai place in town (Sandi had never been) before (and this was the plan) meeting Anna back at my house for the stitchy part of the night. Well, the Thai place is BYOWhatever-the-heck-kind-of-liquor-you-want and we brought a bottle of wine. Went right through it, and spent so much time that Anna came looking for us. Sorry, Anna! Then we came back to my house and had cosmopolitans which were tasty and good, and some pie that Sandi made, which was tasty and rich (and I cut the pieces way too big, so we all got a little comatose after a bit), and we watched the Elizabeth Zimmerman Knitting Glossary.

Not that we really learned a lot (or stitched a lot), due to the drinking and all. But we had a rocking good time (Nick had to close the office door when we were making too much noise) and started planning our assault on Stitches on Friday. Heather wants to be there at the ass-crack of dawn with her little nose smoodged on the glass. I’m not feeling quite so earlybirdish, but I can sleep in the car. It’ll be a riot, though hopefully not the literal kind.

If anyone is going to Stitches Midwest on Friday, give a holler and maybe we could meet up and hug and dance around. Or just say hi and compliment one another on our yarn purchases from a civilized distance. I could go either way. SheCrochets? Are you coming?


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