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Last week sometime, or perhaps before that (I don’t really know, and I shall blame this not-knowing on the heat and humidity we’ve been having), Femiknitter and I formed a pact to make sure we finished up some stalled projects. Because she’s coming into Chicago this Saturday (!!!) and we’re going to Stitches Midwest together, we decided to force ourselves to finish whatever projects seemed challenging by this coming Friday night (the 10th). If we do that, we get a bonus on our Stitches budget (if my budget is X, finishing my project(s) earns me X+50) (my budget is looking freakishly algebraic).

After being intimidated by my headband for far too long, I finished it in about 90 minutes. And after puttering around on my warshrag for, again, far too long, I finished that in a day. (Read the specs) (It’s amazing the amount of knitting that gets done when you actually knit, instead of whingeing about it not being done.) And those were my Stitches goals. Those were the projects that were supposed to earn me another fifty dollars. These two projects that took two days total to complete. I didn’t feel like I earned anything.

So I set myself another goal: Knit four more washrags by Friday, August 10th.

And I did.

Test Pattern
I finished the black&white one last night

Technicolor Warshrags

I worked almost exclusively on these 100% cotton washcloths, and now my hands are insisting that I be done with them for a while. Nick’s been rubbing my hands for me after each evening’s knitting for the past week or so (huzzah!), but they’re still a little sore. Strong, though. I feel like I could crimp like a champ at this point. But I won’t.

In between working on the headband and the cotton, I finished block #10 of the (mercifully wooly and elastic) Noro Kureyon log cabin blanket.

Kureyon 157
Kureyon 157, a pretty dark picture… sorry!

And I’m working on the eleventh

Kureyon 3
Kureyon 3, from Kimberly

I think I can finish it by Friday. Bonus!


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