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I joined the Vegan Pal 2 Swap for several reasons, the biggest of which is I CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL.

Vegan Pal 2

What is/are your craft(s), and how long have you been doing it/them?
I’m a knitter and a crocheter. I’ve been crocheting since 2003 and knitting since 2005. I knit more than I crochet, but I love both.

Are you a vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, veg-friendly or other?
I’m a vegan when it comes to food and leather, but I happily knit with wool, alpaca, and other renewable resources.

Is this your first swap, or have you done previous swaps before? What makes a swap enjoyable for you?
This is my … third? fourth? swap, and I like swaps when there’s a theme, when the senders really take the time to figure out what their recipients like, and when recipients are clear about what they like. I hope I’ve done both in the past. 🙂

What is/are your favorite color(s)? Do you particularly dislike any color(s)?
I am in a strong green phase right now; I love all kinds of jewel tones (bright, clear reds/blues/yellows/oranges/pinks/purples/greens, etc); I love warm spicy fall colors (wine, pumpkin, gold, curry green, olive); I don’t do well with misty, pastel colors. Colors from a bright sunny day are my favorites; colors from a foggy seashore are my least favorite.

Do you have any allergies (such as pets, foods, fibers or cigarette smoke)?
I’m allergic to cats and cigarette smoke, and might be allergic to mohair. Or it might just be itchy. Either way, not much of a fan.

Do you have any companion animals? If so, name(s) and type(s)?
No animals. Many houseplants (named Ziggy, Lily, Charles in Charge, Locke, Montescue, and Ivy).

Do you collect anything?
I suppose I collect books and yarn, but nothing of a collectible, displayable nature.

Do you have a favorite vegan food, snack or dish? If no fav that’s vegan (for those who aren’t vegan), what’s your favorite food? (Hopefully your pal can find a vegan version!)
I love nori rolls (nori seaweed, sushi rice, and veggies in the middle), I love cozy stews in the fall, and I love Indian food.

What are some of your favorite/least favorite tastes/flavors? (e.g. sweet, salty, chocolate, crunchy, smooth, tart, sour, spicy, thai, whatever –Help your pal get a feel for what kind of recipes you might like and/or never ever make.)
Oh, I love me some chocolate (dark), I love salty, savory, and Thai. I like using peanuts in my cooking, or as in a Thai curry. I’m not a fan of tart or sour, really, and I’m in the middle on sweet overall.

What tools/supplies/accessories for your craft(s) are you wishing you had but don’t? Also, what do you have TOO many of? (basically a wish and anti-wish list)
I’ve been thinking of trying socks on two circular needles, but haven’t gotten any of KnitPicks’ small-size (2.25mm) circulars; I could use another Clover clicky-clicky row counter. I have a TON of straight needles that aren’t gettting much use, and I have all the crochet hooks I need right now.

Are you on Ravelry? What’s your handle?
Yes, I am on Ravelry — my handle is KathyMarie.

Is there anything else you would like your pal to know about you?
I’m trying to get back into shape — I was a runner in high school and I’m trying to get back in that groove. I’m married (just over 1 year). I live in an apartment. I like reading non-fiction and fiction by Terry Pratchett. I hate millipedes, centipedes, and earwigs.

What scents do you like/dislike?
I really like spicy, autumny scents like apple pie, cloves, nutmeg, pine, etc. I’m not a fan of floral scents, or any “air freshener” scents.

Do you prefer fall or Halloween or some other Autumn theme?
Halloween’s not my favorite holiday, so I’d prefer an autumn/fall/cozy/tuck-in-for-winter theme. It’s my favorite time of the year — sweater weather begins!

Just for fun – tell your favorite Halloween or Autumn related memory.
I don’t have just one. I love the smell of poplar trees in the fall; hanging out with friends around a fire; the excitement of school starting; football games; bringing out the winter clothes; apple-picking; lots of baking; and Thanksgiving with my family.

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