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I didn’t mean to be all dramatic with my last post and then leave the blog for a while. Sorry about that.

All is well Chez HookOn, seeing as we live on the second floor of a building nowhere near the river. Thursday night did bring us a lively storm, starting about 11:00pm and not really tapering off until about 2:00am. I was awake for most of it because I didn’t have to work on Friday, and hate being almost asleep and then JOLTED awake by the freakishly loud thunder. I decided just to stay up and knit.

Anyway, Thursday’s storm put us right over the edge and Friday saw a LOT of the county looking like some dude in a beard was about to come tell us all about this huge wooden boat he just made, and would we mind grabbing two of whatever animal we can find. Of course I can’t find good pictures of the flood in DeKalb from the internet, so I will show you my crappy cell phone pictures.

Flood Stage + 4.8 feet

One of Two

For those of you who used to live here and might be interested, I took these pictures (with my crappy cell phone camera, sorry) of the bridge on Hillcrest about 150 yards west of 4th Street/Sycamore Road, facing south. The water had to dip under the bridge to get through. Saint Mary’s cemetery was partially underwater (shudder), and so was the bridge on First Street, only it was all under water. The Hillcrest bridge was one of two bridges open in … the county? or maybe just the surrounding area. It was a busy day on Hillcrest, and I was glad to get home.

The Kishwaukee river is usually about 2? maybe 3 feet deep. It might get as deep as 5 feet in places. This article has some pictures of The Mighty Kish in its natural state. Flood stage is something like 10.1 feet, and by Friday we had hit 14.6 feet (or thereabouts). Ugh.

Overall, this flood story is no match for the ones you guys shared last time. Rachel, I hope your commute wasn’t as hellish on Friday night! It sounds like the suburbs and the city had a lot more damage than we did. Yvonne, what a way to come home from camp! Femiknitter, I can’t believe that you and your family were going to see “Masters of the Universe.” That is totally sweet. Anna, I totally did a slip-n-slide in my yard in the spring when I was growing up! Margaret, I’m so sorry about the man-made flood! Thanks for commiserating with me, ladies — and thanks to Melissa for your good thoughts!

Hopefully the people who got hit the hardest can get some help putting things back together, now that DeKalb County has been declared a disaster zone (or whatever the proper term is). All respect to those who are dealing with water in their homes.

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