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It’s finished! I did it!



The Log Cabin Kureyon Blanket is complete and I am in LOVE! Yesterday was a perfect sunny day to take pictures, and last night was the perfect night to have a nice wool blanket. The temperature dropped to approximately BONE-CHILLINGLY COLD last night, and we had left our windows open while over at our friends’ apartment. The bedroom was freezing when we got in, but I was prepared with my brilliant 100% wool blanket. The strict-vegan husband shivered a good deal longer than I did. There may have been a Schadenfreude-ish cackle in my head as I drifted off to sleep in warm cozy comfort.

The blanket is definitely a one-person blanket, perfectly sized for me at about 68″ long (maybe shorter… I’m about 65″ to 66″ tall) and probably about 45″ wide (?) maybe? I haven’t measured it, I just know it fits.

Pattern: None. I mean, my own. I improvised on the Log Cabin pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting, and came up with this pattern. It’s down at the bottom of this page if you’re interested. (UPDATE on November 1, 2010 — pattern now available in French, courtesy of Tricomondesophie of Ravelry and of Le Tricomonde de Sophie and also available at Penelope’s Sisters)

I took the blanket to the park for a photo shoot, and it wanted to play. It played on the swings…

Inspiration: The Lizard Ridge blanket was my first inspiration, and the reason I bought the first 3 skeins. Then I saw the No-Sew Noro blanket by Yarnerinas and became totally enchanted with the idea of squares with a strong border. The squares on Cinamaknits‘ blog pushed me over the edge.

…it climbed up the curvy ladder…

Yarn: 19 skeins of Noro Kureyon in 19 different colors; 2 skeins of Cascade EcoWool (for the insanely good yardage) in dark brown (8095).

DSCF0324 DSCF0318
…it slid down the slide…

Needles: Many, many circulars in 5.0mm / US 8, because there are lots of stitches on those long edges.

…it steered the ship/playground…

Time Spent: Started Thursday, June 28th 2007 and finished 11:00pm Monday, October 8th 2007. I don’t have a clue how many hours I spent on it, but they were all delightful. Except maybe the brain-eating slog through the long edges on the borders, knitting 18 rows of garter stitch.

…and it beat me in tic-tac-toe, the slyboots…

Money Spent: This is not a topic I want to dwell on, but my husband and a friend were wondering how much it’s worth, with the cost of yarn plus all my time, just to see. Well, if you pay retail for 19 balls of Kureyon (which I didn’t have to, thank gourd), plus the $30 I paid at WEBS for my two skeins of EcoWool… [shudder]. Let us speak no more of it.

…and then it reposed gracefully against a stone couch.

What I Learned:

  • I learned that garter stitch is not boring, and is extremely cushy,
  • that colors other than my usual favorites can be beautiful,
  • that blankets can be knitted (I thought crochet was the only way to go, for the quickness factor),
  • that I will never get tired of smelling this yarn,
  • that 2400 grams of wool is damn warm,
  • that I could actually stick with a huge project and get it completed (I used to be intimidated by bigger projects, including sweaters),
  • that the kniternet is an awesome place to be when you need some extra balls of Kureyon (THANK YOU to Cathi, Heather, Kimberly, and KillerDaisy!!!),
  • and I learned that knitting my own blanket is a completely rewarding experience.
  • I’m including the pattern after the jump (if all goes well and I actually manage to create a jump). If you do decide to make it (or something like it with whatever customizations), drop me a line — I’d love to see what you make! And if you find yourself in need of an extra ball of Kureyon, I’ve got one to give away to the first person to ask for it. Colorway 194.



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