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It’s that time of year when the leaves start to turn from green to crimson, when the air gets a little crisper, when you can smell the spiciness of the falling leaves, when the light changes just enough to make the whole neighborhood a little more golden.

And when knitters everywhere begin to think about holiday knitting.

Just the thought of a deadline is enough to raise my heart rate. Not that I’m doing much this year, compared to some (*coughHeathercough*), but it’s enough to make me sweat. I really want to get these things done, instead of giving my family something half-completed. “Here, I made you this oddly-shaped piece of wool. Merry Christmas.” Not that we don’t have a tradition of that in our family. I got the same work-in-progress afghan from my sister for Christmas and birthday for 3 years before I finally got it as a wedding gift. And at one of my bridal showers my mom gave me some fabric and the quilt pattern she was going to use to make a double wedding ring quilt as a wedding gift. 1.5 years later, it’s still in the bag (Mom– really, it’s okay! Remember the blue yarn I gave you as a Christmas gift two years ago? Or the sock yarn I gave you for your birthday? It’s okay!)

Socks That Rock Star Gazer Lily
Holiday knitting may involve these yarns. Maybe.

I’m not going to show pictures of my holiday knitting, because some people who read this blog are going to be given the results of my holiday knitting, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I’ll be posting my projects over at Ravelry (which I’ve started calling The Rav in my head, possibly because I’m ultra hip? Or because I’m lazy), so my fellow Ravelers can see my progress.

Notice To My Relatives (This Includes My Husband): If Ravelry opens up to the public before Christmas and you are able to see my notebook, DON’T. Seriously, DON’T LOOK. I will revoke your handknit gifts and you will be sad.

Send happy knitting thoughts. One of the projects involves Fair Isle (a first for me) in freaking cotton.

What are you working on for holiday gifties? You can vague up your answer if you need to!


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