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Dear Size Zero Needles

I hate you and love you at the same time.

I love the pretty fabric you make…


but I hate the way a simple k2tog is made difficult by the miniscule gauge which you create!

I admire your tininess and the way you distract from my need for a manicure…

See how tiny

but I hate that you dig into my thumb flesh and rub off my fingerprints. I need those.

In other breaking needle news, I still have not found my size 7 double points and await the day that I just lose every knitting tool I own in this tiny apartment through the miracle of gnomes and their friends the Pictsies.

Coming up next time: I discuss my Giftmas knitting and how it went over, my knitting plans for 2008, and my life plans for 2008 which include yet again a resolve to get into shape.

In the meantime, everyone have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

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Merry Holidaytime!

Little Knitter
Special thanks to Penny for sending this lovely piece!

Have a delicious/happy/joyous/cylindrical holiday (I’m feeling a little abstract just now)!

May all your gauge swatches never lie to you, and may your yarn never snag!

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“You have the vocabulary of an aspidistra in panic.”

And if you want to hear more unlike that one, just go to the Surrealist Compliment Generator.

In other news, winter is here.


Do Not Ride
I’m trying to come up with a tactful description of this frozen bicycle, but I’m failing


And there are more on the ol’ Flickr.

But not for any member of my family that wants to get a Christmas present from me. Seriously. Don’t go over there. I’m watching to see who clicks over, and if you do, I’m ripping out your knitted gift. Think I’m kidding?

Now, I’m going to talk about knitting behind the jump, and if any member of my family clicks past the jump (and I can tell, believe me), you’re not getting anything. Possibly frozen deer shit, but nothing else.


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I got my Vegan Swap package on Monday, and it is glorious! I am the winner.

What I saw
The first glimpse of the amazingness in store…

All neatly tucked in
All I saw at first was the chocolate. And all I could say to that was THIS WOMAN KNOWS ME WELL.

Hello chocolate my old friend
They get their own photograph because, well, they’re just so amazing. Vegan chocolate, good vegan chocolate, is hard to find in cookie form.

Card and Teas
And the tea! Three kinds of amazing, life giving tea. I’m jumping into the Peppermint today.

For Great Health Victory!
My favorite way to combat the evil winter viruses. Virae? Viri? What’s the plural?

Faux jerky
You probably don’t know about this stuff if you’re not vegetarian or vegan. And therefore, you are missing out on something brilliant. Seitan jerky, this one in Thai Peanut flavor. I barely got a picture of this before I snarfed it down.

They're matches
Matches, to go with the candle found in the magic yarn ball. Sitting on the pretty card.

Yellow and Blue
And the prettiest yarn ever. Blue Sky cotton, in very cheerful colors.

Blue Sky Cotton

What was in the Magic Ball?
Damn, this turned out a little blurry. Sorry! The magic yarn ball included: A ruler, a chocolate bar, a row counter, darning needles, stitch markers and a yummy-smelling candle!

(Also included in the package, but not really shown, are bunches of vegan recipes, one of which NinjaHusband and I tried on Monday night. Vegan fried “chicken”? Tasty-good, and amazingly [almost disturbingly] close to the original. Minus the veins and gristle and death.)

My amazing Swap Angel was Sweatea of Kith and Kin, and she did a most fantastic job. THANK YOU, Sweatea! You made my month!

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* Products that have nothing to do with knitting but enhance my knitting in some way.

Because my knitting these days is comprised entirely of Giftmas gifts (no, it is not redundant and if you write to tell me that it is you will get an all-caps email full of crazy) that I’m not prepared to show on this blog, and because I don’t want to leave off posting until December 26th, I give you PTHNTDWKBEMKISW. Because it’s so much easier to type that whole thing than to type out the actual words.

(How many days left? Twenty. Twenty days. I have so much work to do and my brain is melting out my ears. Bear with me.)

1. Pretty Shoes
Crocs n Socks

I got two pairs of Crocs Alice shoes recently, and I don’t think I can properly explain to you the rainbow-colored delight that suffuses my being every time I wear them. Not only are they vegan, cute and comfortable (a nearly-impossible-to-find combination on a good day), they also show off handknit socks to perfection. Brilliant. I’m wearing my first pair of handknit socks, and the black “sueded” Alices. The “sueded” look is one you pay a bit extra for, and it looks like your crocs got chewed up by an acre of cement. In a good way. Ah, fashion!

2. Fruit Bowl
Display Bowl from Mom

Mom gave us (my sisters and me) these square glass fruit bowls for Giftmas last year, and I instantly filled mine with sock yarn. I change it out every so often, and the other day I went hunting for red and green yarn. It’s seasonal now. I’ve got some Louet Gems, Koigu, Knit Picks, STR, and Vesper in there, just sitting around looking pretty. NinjaHusband thinks I’m crazy to decorate with yarn, but he doesn’t say it too loudly for fear of waking the yarny Christmas beast within. Because I could decorate with actual Christmas knickknacks if denied my yarn. Boy, could I.

3. Tattoo Shops
This one is a little hazy. I mean, it’s not really a product. More of a place. But it did enhance the hell out of my knitting twice in the past two weeks. NinjaHusband got his rib panel started and I sat with him for moral support and knat my way through 11 total hours of tattoo magic (madly jealous the whole time… my first appointment is next month). It was fabulous for my knitting as I finished one part of one project that day.


I know I haven’t been answering/responding to your comments like usual, and I’m sorry about that. My email system changed (not the address, don’t worry) last week and wasn’t working for a day or two (I used my work email to write to some of you — check Ye Olde Spam Folder), plus last week was a difficult one. Things are calmer now and I’m getting around to responding. Sorry for the delay.

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