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It allows me to continue wearing my handknits.

and more snow

I actually threw a tantrum at work today when I noticed it was snowing. One of my co-workers walked past my cube and remarked on the nature of the precipitation, and we both flipped out a little, stomped our feet, wailed, and gnashed our teeth. Then we returned to our regularly-scheduled adulthood and felt a little better about things.

Adulthood has been kind of following me around this week, looking over my shoulder and making sure I’m doing age-appropriate things (most of the time). (I just realized that I pictured my Mom as the embodiment of my adulthood. What?) All week I’ve been looking at big expensive things to buy, trying to decide on things like where is the best place to live and how can we make that happen, thinking about taxes and school districts, and tonight I bought life insurance. Adulthood has caught up with me. Terrific.

This weekend should be a little more relaxed, though. I’m really looking forward to washing some knitwear (hello Adulthood, yes, I am now the most boring person EVER), because when you wear a hat through two winters and don’t give it a wash, this can happen:

I don’t recommend looking too closely… it might reach out and grab you.

By Monday I should have more to talk about, including what became of these:

Assemble the ingredients!

clicking clacking needles

Have a great weekend, duders.

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Some Things I Must Tell You

1. I’m done bitching about the weather. I have been Snarky McGrumpersons for too long, and I’ve let it get to me. Spring has to be just around the corner (right? please?), so I am done with complaining. Right after this:

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

2. My youngest sister is going to school full-time, working part-time (with long and understaffed shifts), and dealing with a person who torments her. And she’s rocking through all of these pretty hard. She is totally amazing and deserves a medal. She’s awesome.

3. I saw my family this weekend and it was once again made clear to me that I come from a gassy, gassy people. Can’t be helped.

4. While at my Grandma’s house on Easter Sunday, I showed my Aunt my tattoo in the guest room (because I have to take my shirt off to show it properly). Later, in the kitchen, my Aunt mentioned the tattoo to my Grandma (whom I love love love and who is a giant cute mischief-maker and who is sometimes a little “off”). Gram pulls the back of my shirt up and pulls my bra strap down out of the way, which is fine by me, and then UNHOOKS MY BRA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE KITCHEN, giggles, and walks away. It was like my own Sixteen Candles moment.

5. I love this weather. It’s perfect for continuing to wear my recent handknits.

That is all.

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With today being the first full day of spring (right? Am I right? I have no idea. The calendar says yesterday was the Spring Equinox, so I’m guessing here.), ALLEGEDLY, you would think that winter’s icy grip would relax and daffodils would be in bloom and birds would sing and Bambi and Thumper might cavort around your knees and all would be sunshiny goodness, right?

Welcome to Spring

Wrong times 1,000.
Zoom! Orange Snow Truck

It snowed again today. On my day off. Which I am using to fight off a sinus/throat/bronchial infection that’s been the bane of my existence for 2 months (in sinus infection form). It migrated to my throat on Thursday and I called my wonderful goddess of a Nurse Practitioner (::angels singing::) who ordered me a Z-pack and now I’m feeling loads better. But I’m still honked off about the snow. And the fact that my bathtub drain is slower than … oh, I don’t know. Something quaint and folksy but slow as hell.

Whatever. I’m going to try to gloss over all that with a FO Report on my Stripey Mittens.

Stripey Mittens
Project: Stripey Mittens, made so I could teach others how to knit mittens in my most recent class. I had never made mittens before, so what better time to learn. I totally love these mitts and am thinking of making a semi-matching hat.

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Fuschia, Red Baron, and Orange You Glad. More Fuschia than the other colors.

Needles: Knit Picks dpns 4.0mm/US 6. They are awesome.

Pattern: I used the mitten pattern in Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, for the 7 1/2″ size hand and a gauge 6 stitches to the inch. I did make the cuffs slightly smaller (cast on only 40 stitches instead of suggested 44, because my wrists are small and I like snug cuffs) and longer than suggested (they’re about 4″ long, to keep out the cold).

What I Learned: I used 3 colors as stripes for the first time, and at first I really couldn’t make the carry/wrap thing fall where I wanted. I don’t mean the jog at the color change — that wasn’t on my mind at all this go-round — I mean when you switch colors and lift the new color over (or under) the old ones. I eventually got it, but don’t ask me to tell you what I did, because I do not remember.

Time Spent: February 7th to March 13th, which is ridiculous. I only paused because I had finished the first one for my last class on February 26th, and then the weather started getting better (LIES!!) and I thought I didn’t need the second one for another 10 months or so. Then the weather got snarky again and I finished it up.

So there it is, another FO. Now why can’t Mother Nature get her shit together and call Winter a Finished Object?

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Seriously, this post has been sitting in the post bullpen for over a week, and it’s getting silly. Things are happening and I need to talk about them before they are over and lose their WIP status.

(1) Knitting & Crocheting
I have been doing both. A lot.

Bigger than my hand

Almost Finished Starghan
A blanket for a friend of mine who’s due in June. She’s a performer, he’s a performer, so the baby must be a star. All that’s left is to weave in those damned ends. All of them.

Blueberry Hat
A blueberry hat for the same baby. Both projects in Bernat Cottontots (via Ravelry). The hat took like 5 minutes to make. Or two days. And I still have to weave in the ends.

Stripey Mittens
I finished the stripey mittens, and I love them. They are the perfect antidote to crummy winter weather, and I’ll probably make a matching hat (but with grey as the main color) for funsies.

One repeat done
This is the sock I started to combat the gloom of winter. It’s a lot farther along than this, about ready to start the gusset, but I don’t have any pictures of it in its current state because of …

(2) The Weather
Which is foggy and craptastic today. Bad light, no picture. The weather is much better than previous months’ weather, but still not what I want it to be, which is warm and sunny and 75 degrees. Because I live in Northern Illinois. When the light gets better (when? if?), I’ll show off pictures of my new purchases, which include yarn and books (do I buy anything else?), and more current WIPs. Promise.

I’m also really excited about (3) My Physical Therapy which is now over! I’ve been seeing a massage therapist for my hip and leg problems, and as of this morning I have been discharged! I don’t have to come back to see her for this problem (unless I act like an idiot — meaning, like normal — and injure myself again)! Hooray! The pain in my hips and legs has kept me from working out, but since I’ve been going to her I feel 100 times better and have been hitting the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and will hopefully see some weight loss soon.

Now I’m off to find a better tea cozy pattern. My sister wants one and I want to make her one, but the pattern she picked isn’t making me happy, and the yarn wants to be something else. Anyone have any stellar tea cozy patterns they’ve made?

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Yes, okay, I get it.

There’s an election tomorrow in my district.

Those of you with the DCCC and the RCCC can stop calling me. You can stop sending me piles of paper through the mail extolling your candidate or (more often) smearing the hell out of the opposing candidate.

I know the turnout is projected to be small, and I know you’re trying to get the word out because you really want your candidate to win. I know it’s hard to get the electorate excited about two white guys no one’s ever heard of before. I understand, really.

But seriously, I’m going to vote tomorrow. I’m going to vote despite the annoying phone calls (and there have been MANY), despite the environmentally unfriendly non-stop paper storm in my mailbox, and despite the fact that I think it’s bullshit to have my polling place inside a church (that’s a .pdf). I’m going to vote tomorrow! I have been planning to vote tomorrow since the primary! I have been telling other people to vote tomorrow!

So stop telling me to vote tomorrow.

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