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Previously I showed you an old picture of the Chosen-by-Blog sock. It was pretty terrible, and also old and outdated. I have moved on from the foot since then, and I am now ready to show you just how it really looks:

Chosen-by-Blog Socks
Pointy bits to be removed at a later date

I added three columns of twisted rib up both sides of the sock, for anti-boredom purposes. So far it’s working and it looks fabulious.

Chosen-by-Blog socks

Right now I’m only working on the first sock — haven’t started the second sock — and it’s a little weird. Usually I like to knit both socks at the same time so I can make them the same. My standard method is as follows:
(1) cast on the toe for the first, swear, rip it out, try again, swear more, rip it out, try again, succeed and get past the increases for the wedge toe;
(2) repeat for second sock;
(3) work the foot of both socks, alternating between first and second socks to pretend like I’m not knitting the same thing over and over and over forever, because my feet are 9.25″ long (most of which I blame on my toes);
(4) increase for the gussets on whichever sock is in my hands at the moment it reaches 6.25″ long;
(5) repeat for the other sock, wherever it is… it should be in its project bag but IT IS HIDING;
(6) turn heel and work heel flap on whichever sock is handy;
(7) repeat if I can find the other sock;
(eight) work the leg on both socks (assuming they are in the same place again), alternating between first and second socks, again pretending this isn’t boring (so far I’ve only made very basic socks)
(9) cuff both of them about the ears and finish.

Why am I not following the oh-so-soothing protocol for the Chosen-by-Blog socks? Because the other set of 2.25mm needles is still in the second sock of this pair:

Rainbow waves sock 1, side 1

which does not fit (*sob*). I’m hanging on to the second sock in case the finished first sock fits my sister; if it does, I will finish the second sock.

In other news, it is raining and gloomy today, and our search for a house continues apace. We saw EIGHT houses last night and none of them really turned our crank. Or, none of the prices really turned our crank. I know that where I live prices are not anywhere near the high prices of other areas, but these houses seem really overpriced. We looked at a HUGE 4-bedroom in kind of a crap neighborhood, which would take years and years and probably 150,000$ to fix up and make nice. That’s on top of the asking price of 132,000$.

I am a little discouraged, and the rain is not helping. If anyone knows of a fantastic home in my town for very little money (hello! we are poor!), please let me know.

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Confessions: I am a knerd

I’m fairly certain that admitting these things to normal people (non-knitters) would get me lots of weird looks, a bit of them edging away from me, and possibly a few hand gestures used to ward off evil. But I can confess all my knitting knerdiness here without fear of judgment (dear kniternet: I love you).

1. In my Flickr account there are 62 pictures of my wedding day and 231 pictures of my yarn.

2. This? This is not all my yarn. Not by a long shot. (Ravelry link)

3. I’m trying to buy a house and with that comes saving money to help feed the monster known as A Down Payment. I have said several times over the past several months that I am ABSOLUTELY DONE BUYING YARN FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. Absolutely. No exceptions. Except then a few months ago I saw Grumperina’s spiral sock and then I bought this yarn:
…because I had to have a pair of Swedish-looking spiral socks. And maybe some for a friend.
And then I realized I want some summery-type tops for myself and I wanted to make them before summer starts and I bought three skeins of this yarn
…which turned out not to be the right yarn for that particular project so I bought eight skeins of this yarn
…because it was on supersale (due to the color being not-quite-right) and I thought the remainder would make a supercute baby-something, if yet another friend decides to reproduce. Which they seem to be doing at an alarming rate.

4. I have 5 projects on the needles, including this new addition…
… and am about to add 2 more. While I know this is not exceptional or even unusual in the knitting world, it seems a lot for me at the moment and I know it’s making my Mom crazy (“Finish one thing and then move on to the next thing!). I blame spring, good weather, and my friends’ propensity for making babies. That’s right, I’m blaming my knitting on pregnant women. Because I am the worst kind of person.

5. I just turned my knitting bookshelf (oh yes, I have one of those) upside down in search of something I graphed out like 3 years ago, which would be awesome on the sleeves of Skully (Ravelry link), but IS NO LONGER IN ITS PLACE and it’s making me crazy. It’s possible it might be somewhere inside the yarn stash (“Patterns go in… but they NEVER COME OUT!!!!!” — say in horror-movie voice over), but I’m not sure. I’m annoyed, but secretly okay with the possible loss of this graph because if I have to do it all over again, I’ll probably make it better.

And now, to prove I can blend in with the natives if need be, I’m headed off to get ready for a Memorial Day cookout with many other-kind-of nerds. But I’ll still bring my knitting.

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Not Abandoned

Back by popular demand! Or, the demand of one person. Whatever — I’ll take what I can get.

There’s no way for me to adequately catch up on everything that’s happened in the past three weeks, so I’ll take a stab at inadequately catching up.

First, I have been knitting!
Three of Four
This is a blanket for an upcoming baby (due at the end of August) who will live in California. It’s a cotton-wool blend, and the pattern exists only in my head, as far as I know. I’ll put one together after this blanket is finished. Click the picture for more details on the Flickr page, or here’s the Ravelry project page if you swing that way.

And the first Chosen-by-Blog sock is zooming right along.
Chosen-by-Blog sock
This is really bad lighting and the sock is well past the heel by now, but it’s the only picture I have of it at the moment. Today is kind of overcast and not so great for picture-taking.

Second, I went to Ann Arbor for one day of a conference, and it was a pretty good time. Hanging out with Mark and Amy was totally awesome, and the conference session I attended was good, so it averaged out. It was a birthy-type conference and the topic was kind of exhausting. I probably won’t go for just one day any more… too much traveling, not enough good stuff. I took Amtrak out, which was awesomely cheap but kind of inconvenient this time… NinjaHusband was supposed to meet me at 10:40pm, but the train got held up (twice!) and we didn’t get in till closer to midnight. Annoying. But we survived. And saved a bundle on gas.

Third, I visited Femiknitter for four days! I had such a great time just sitting on the couch, knitting and talking and teaching her how to crochet:
although I’m not sure it will stick…
Learning to hook
… as you can see, she’s snarling at it just a bit.

We went to Philadelphia where I bought this:
at Loop (and damn is that a well-put-together store, you should totally go if you have a chance).
and where we took these pictures:
Blergin non-picture
Oh noes!
and the nicest-looking one…
Finally, a good one

Fourth, There is no “fourth,” just catching up at work and at home, and trying to get some loose ends tied up. I have a doula client due in two weeks, and I’m getting ready for that. BusyBusy at Casa del HookOn. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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I’m sorry for the blog silence these past few whatevers! I’m nuttily trying to finish eighteen billion things at once, so this post’s wondertwin power activates in the form of … LIST!

1. Remember this sock?
Rainbow waves sock 1, side 1

I finished the first one. Yeah, it doesn’t fit. I’m a little bit furious about it. Because it’s my fault entirely — I didn’t try the damn thing on (despite it being toe-up! and so easily tried on during the knitting process!) nor did I really swatch (because it’s socks! why would I swatch!). It lies in the “time-out” basket, and I weep.

2. The Chosen-by-Blog socks are coming along. I’m bringing them on my trip. Oh yes…

3. I’m going to Michigan tomorrow for a one-day conference in Ann Arbor, and coming home latelatelate on Wednesday night. It’s a 4.5 hour train ride (that’s one-way) and I’m taking a bunch of knitting. And a whack of podcasts.

4. Holy crap, I haven’t updated my ipod yet. Or chosen my knitting. Or showered. Or packed my bag.

5. The baby blanket
Almost Finished Starghan
and the baby hat
Blueberry Hat
have been given to the expectant mama, and they were a huge hit. Very exciting.

6. I recently bought a new bar of soap, chosen kind of on a whim. I remember having used it before (it’s this soap), but didn’t really remember it. When I got home and showered, I remembered when I last used this soap. It was on a trip to Oxford, England. And that’s extra awesome because I get to visit Femiknitter next week!

And now it is time for me to actually get my shit together and get ready for this conference!

(huge pre-THANK YOU to Mark and Amy for putting me up while I’m in town!)

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