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Things have been pretty busy at Casa de HookOn, despite the blog quietude, and I’m starting to understand why all my friends who own houses never had acres of time to hang out. There’s always something more to do. There’s always something else to paint or purchase or decide upon. There is not a lot of time to do anything else because you’re always feeding the house.

Especially when you’ve moved into your new house and you are trying to get things the way you like them. And by you I mean me.

We have completed…
… the bedroom
The new main paint color is kind of grey, kind of green, kind of sand, kind of tan, and kind of looks like white in certain light.
(nearly, I have to make curtains, which means I have to borrow a sewing machine and figure out how much material I need, then buy the material, and learn how to operate a sewing machine)
… one of the two baby blankets. Remember this?
Three of Four
It’s all finished now, with ends woven in and strips sewn together. (Do I have a picture of the final product? Yes, but not here. We don’t have internet at the house yet, and I don’t have a lot of time to drag the laptop, camera, and cable out to the closest free wi-fi spot to upload the pictures. Blergin.)

Two things. We have finished two things in the house. And one was a knitting project.

That’s not really true, of course. The laundry area is almost the way I want it, and NinjaHusband’s workbench is exactly the way he wants it, and the kitchen is in working order (unless you have a migraine or a hangover… that wallpaper remains part of my life), and things are sort of finding homes.

Monday night I painted my office. Green. Think about that. Think about how nice a green room might look (if you’re me, and love green) with the color of leaves and plants and growing things surrounding you and inspiring creativity all over the place. Then think about the reality of painting all the walls green, a particularly bright shade of green, and how that might make your eyes start bleeding after a while.

The accent wall, the one with the window and the weird soffit, is a darker green. I’m thinking I might paint it a different color… a light grey-brown (seriously, these colors are tricky to pin down), maybe? Or paint the main walls a different color? I’ll post pictures (soon?) and let you guys give me advice.

The idea of a green room, accented with oak and cherry woods, and lovely plummy purples, was so charming in my head. As most missteps are.

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