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From the first moment we walked into our house after the closing, I’ve been giddily pointing out various parts of the house and saying things like, “And this is the front closet, THAT WE OWN” or “That’s the dishwasher THAT WE OWN” or “Here is the sunless basement complete with large hairy spiders THAT WE OWN.” What can I say? Owning a home makes me giddy.

Owning a home also makes me be more responsible. We paid our first mortgage payment this week. I wrote the (very, very large) check and surprised myself by not weeping or passing out from hemorraging so much money in one sitting. (I did, however, have an urge to drink a very, very large alcoholic beverage, an urge I fought down as it was only 10:00 in the morning. I think this is what they call “maturity.”)

So in honor of this first of many huge checks I’ll be writing to the mortgage company, I give you pictures of my office THAT I OWN.

Office wall

more office walls

So, yeah, it’s a little bit green. I love it SO much I can’t even tell you.

And in addition to the dresser in the first picture, the yarn will live here:

where the yarn will live

I am so in love with my office, seriously. Once I get a desk it’ll be so kickass.


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