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Really, I’ve tried to find a coherent theme for this post but I just can’t. All coherence has been removed from this sector. Randomness has set in, and I find it to be delicious.

Things I Can’t Find
(Aside from my coherence)
1. Size 6 nickel-plated dpns.
2. Page two of my copied Child’s First Sock pattern.
3 & 4. The chart I made for my next project-for-me, which is a heavily modified version of a pattern… that I can’t find.
5. My headlamp (used for reading in bed at night to not disturb NinjaHusband)

Things That Are Awesome
1. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for my annual exam (when’s yours?). Awesome? Yes, because I’m ensuring the health of my girlie bits and I’m seeing a new doctor who is only 15 minutes away! And I’m bringing my doula business cards & flyers to put up in her office. Kickass.
2. The doctor’s appointment means I have only a half day of work!
3. After the half day of work I have a workout date with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.
4. I have Friday off and am having lunch with another friend I haven’t seen in a few months.
5. My Mom and my Fairy Godmother just finalized plans with me to go yarn shopping next Tuesday morning … okay, now the plans are finalized, for the day after my birthday.
6. Next Friday the esteemed Femiknitter is coming to town for hijinks of the yarn variety!

Things That Are Additional Things
1. I’m trying to choose a pattern to buy yarn for when I go shopping with Mom and Fairy Godmother. I keep going through my favorites on Ravelry but I can’t decide. Oh dear, I may have to spend some time in the yarn room tonight for inspiration. Darnit.
2. I’m working on belated holiday gifts and one of the gifts involves learning a new technique, and I’m kind of all giddy about it. There may be pictures soon.
3. My Clapotis is finished and actually on my shoulders as I type this.

You, Me & Clapotis

4. I have a cat draped elegantly over my feet.
5. I made banana chocolate-chip muffins tonight, did a load of laundry, and a load of dishes. Win.
6. I did not work out like I planned to. Fail.
7. Meh, it all balances out.
8. My iPod just started playing “Angel” by Massive Attack. AWESOME. I feel like I should take some drugs and dance slowly in a strobe light.


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