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This is weird.

I have an unfamiliar urge.

An urge to … KNIT. Constantly I’m thinking about knitting. Knitting a tea cozy. Knitting myself mittens. Knitting myself two pairs of mittens. Knitting mittens for a friend and sort of coming up with a new pattern to do it. Knitting a sweater, two sweaters, THREE sweaters! Charting a basic colorwork pattern (my own!) for a truly awesome gift idea! I can do everything!

I think the fierce cold (high today? -6 F. Low tonight? -26 F, before windchill) has frozen my brain into the knit setting. Wool sucks me in with its promise of warmth and cozyness, and the thought of knitting in a cozy recliner with a warm cat draped across my feet or stomach or legs (better than a hot water bottle!) is helping me get up the nerve to leave the warm, knowing I can eventually get out of the arctic freeze to return to knitting bliss.

The tea cozy is being knit in these yarns…
Brown Sheep LP Worsted
Brown Sheep LP Worsted

One of the sweaters wants to be knit in these yarns…
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

My desire for two of the sweaters comes from squares in my Paintbox Blanket
kureyon 128
kureyon 180

One pair of the mittens for myself has got to be these Deep In The Forest mittens, which I love with a passion that scorns all my previous passions for knit patterns. I just thought of the perfect combination of yarn (already in my stash! I so rule!) for this project, and of course it doesn’t match my current hat and scarf set. Doesn’t matter. I’ll make 4 pairs of these mittens.

And, in the middle of all this knitterly inspiration, Femiknitter is coming to my house tomorrow morning. I am having a damn hard time containing my excitement, although I’m sure it’ll lighten up a little when I get back home after the gym and see how much cleanup I have to do.

Because when knitterly inspiration strikes, it leaves a wake of destruction. Or at least massive clutter.


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