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Project 365: 89-95

I think I start every week with some kind of theme in mind. I expect to take pictures along one set of lines: only outdoor pictures, or only buildings, or something. It has never stuck. Here are this week’s pictures. Themeless.

March 30, 2009

Vegan banana chocolate-chip muffins. I made them on Sunday and on Monday evening I brought a few to a friend’s house for dessert. I’ve made this recipe several times now, and I really love the feeling that I know what I’m doing. Baking is so much fun and is more part of my life now that I own The Joy of Vegan Baking. I’m really looking forward to blueberry season when I can make Blueberry Lemon muffins. Delish.

March 31, 2009

The library hosted a local artist’s demonstration of pysanky, traditional Ukranian egg decorating. I worked with her to set up the program, learning a lot about the craft in the process. I took photos of the presentation and this was one of my favorites. She had brought maybe 10 eggs that she had decorated and several eggs that she used to demonstrate the processes of design, application, and finishing. After the program ended, she unexpectedly gave me the choice of any egg to take as a gift (I chose the mostly black one to the left of the foreground). I was so moved. I probably won’t pick up this craft to practice, but I love the artistry and symbolism that go into these pieces.

April 1, 2009

The Lutheran Church on the corner of Third and Pine. Wednesday was a gorgeous day, and I played around with the light settings on my camera until I got the image to match the blue of the sky. The strong lines of the church + the delicate and wandering branches = pretty much my favorite juxtaposition ever.

April 2, 2009

Miyagi’s charming muzzlepowshe. I was knitting on the couch and she cuddled up to me, and I couldn’t resist putting the camera in her face. She’s so cuddlesome lately. Could be that she notices when I have cramps, or it could be the hot pad I use when I have cramps. Last night I went to bed with the hot pad (actually a pillowcase with jasmine rice in it — I’m going to make actual rice bags when I get the chance) on my belly. Miyagi usuall sleeps at my feet, but she cuddled right down next to the hot pad.

April 3, 2009

On Friday we went out to dinner with a friend in Sycamore, and I snapped this on the way back to the car. I took this later in the evening, probably after 7:30pm, and the sky was definitely not this bright; I changed the light balance to brighten up the shot. I had been thinking about HDR images all day after another friend sent me a link to the HDR Wikipedia page, and to this image set on Flickr. Amazing stuff. I’m so excited to learn more about digital image processing. You know, in my spare time.

April 4, 2009

On Saturday I upgraded my phone to a Blackberry. By 6pm that night I understood why they’re called Crackberries. Good lord, this thing is full of amazingness. I now have my Google calendar on my phone and easily updatable either on my laptop or on my phone — which is why I wanted the Blackberry in the first place. I am crap at writing down appointments in a calendar and need to be reminded of things immediately. And now I can. The phone is sitting on some paint chips I got from Lowe’s as possibilities for kitchen walls. The light in this picture is pretty bad, so the colors don’t come out as they are (my countertops are not grey), and NinjaHusband and I aren’t really sold on them. Lilac was suggested on Friday night. The search continues.

April 5, 2009

Yarn for the first of five baby blankets I’ll be making this year, for my five pregnant friends. I’ll show the pattern when it gets here, along with the other colors. I think it’ll be a really pretty blanket. I just hope I can get it done by May 14th.


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