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I seem to have forgotten my lines.

The shawl is done, blocked, and off the pins, but I don’t have pictures to show you.

I’m in the middle of three big projects both at home and at work and damn if my brain hasn’t gone all asplodey. I just finished teaching my last knitting class (basics) of the season and I am both glad and sad and have reached the “fire bad… tree pretty” stage. I don’t want to teach knitting for a while; I want to do knitting.

I have been taking pictures of the past two weeks, but I haven’t had time to put them on my computer, much less upload them to Flickr (one by one, because my home internet connection is painfully slow — but affordable!) and get them here. Very much less with captions.

The cat continues to be cute, the kitchen continues to have wildly obnoxious wallpaper, and the basement continues (thank god) to remain dry after the flooding. What will not continue is the Giant Work Project of Abject Terror, at least not after tomorrow at 5pm. And on Thursday morning at 9:30 I disrupt the continuity of my life and head for New Jersey, Femiknitter, and the most glorious vegetarian philly cheesesteak (plus Belgian ale) ever in the history of the world, here. And then we will descend upon Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and the world will not be the same.

I think I’m starting to remember my lines.
(“Hamlet, cast off thy colored nighty!”)


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