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I heart fiberoptics

This is just to tell you that as I type, 29 days worth of Project 365 pictures are uploading to my Flickr account via the magic of fiberoptic internet, paid for by the taxpayers of DeKalb.

(And. And while I was typing that sentence, all the pictures finished uploading. Done.)

I’m not sure if you understand that. 29 pictures. TWENTY-NINE, people. Do you know how long this would take me if I were to attempt it at home? On my anemic (though delightfully cheap and sufficient if-you’re-not-uploading-pictures) internet connection? It would take me approximately ALL THE YEARS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN to upload twenty-nine pictures.

This is why it’s taking me an age to get caught up with all my daily pictures, because I would die in the attempt if I tried to do it at home. Where I spend most of my time off work.

However. I have devised a clever scheme wherein I transfer the pictures from my camera to my work computer (while off work! o ye who would screech at me and belittle my ethics) and then from my work computer to the Flickr account. This clever scheme has saved me much pain and agony and has allowed me to upload TWENTY-NINE pictures to the internet, all at once. In less than a minute. CAN YOU EVEN COMPREHEND HOW GIDDY THIS MAKES ME?

So. Thank you to TBCNet of Sycamore, who got the library a great deal on the hookups to an existing fiberoptic network (amazingly enough, it stopped just 5 feet from the library’s property line and TBC got the library connected easystyle), thank you to the taxpayers of DeKalb, who both pay my salary and make it possible for me to use the library’s services, and thank you to the pioneers of fiberoptics. Well done all.

(Pictures are coming soon. Soon-ish.)

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