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Dear Left Ovary,

So happy you are participating in this month’s round of Let’s Make A Baby. I have high hopes for us as a team, Ovary, and I’m glad you’re on board.

That said, and I realize this may be ungrateful of me, but could you tone it down on the OHMYGODEXPLODINGPAIN you’re creating over there on my left side? Even the smallest task, like standing up or walking without limping, is exceedingly difficult today. I realize it’s because you are enthusiastically releasing an egg, and while I want to encourage such behavior in both you and your buddy Righty over there, I can barely do my work today. And I need to do my work today, Ovary.

In conclusion, please accept my grateful thanks for your continued participation in this long process, but maybe tone down the OHMYGODEXPLODINGPAIN? Think about it and let me know.

Much love,

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