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Things I wanted to finish by today:
– Handknit gift for Mom
– Handknit gift for Dad
– Handknit gift for Middle Sister
– Handknit gift for Youngest Sister
– Clearing out the basement for the guests arriving in a week
– Get my car started and inside the garage so it can warm up
– Go through the boxes still in the garage from the move
– Refinance the house
– Not slog through snow-covered roads
– Set up a joint savings account at my bank
– Pack clothes and food for overnight visit with relatives
– Plan menu for New Year’s Eve and guests arriving in a week
– Find my brain long enough to remind myself that I am in fact a smart woman who can figure shit out and get shit done, because I’m starting to feel like everything is slipping through my hands due to my own incompetence

Things I actually finished by today:
– Refinanced the house
– Set up joint savings account at my bank

While I’m certainly counting those two as a win, there’s still a bunch of fail left on my list. And I’ll talk more about it (and share pictures) behind the jump BUT IF YOU’RE RELATED TO ME, DON’T LOOK BEHIND THE JUMP. Instead, enjoy this lovely picture of holiday cheer made tangible.

Frosty Holidays

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I had planned to make this week a week full of posts all about the many things for which I’m thankful and how much I love the whole world and everyone in it, but because the universe is being a douche by (a) putting holes in my shoes that are undetectable until it’s wet and snowy outside, (b) cursing me with a sub-surface zit on my chin that causes stabbing pain in my face every time I answer the phone, (c) announcing that the superconservative and fundie relatives whom we haven’t seen in 15 years are coming to my family’s Thanksgiving, (d) plotting the demise of my painstakingly knit Clapotis by letting me snip the long ends of my latest Russian join, which will probably unravel and come apart at the blocking stage, and (e) allowing me to walk out my front door this morning with, apparently, the common sense of a concussed duckling and scrape my passenger side-view mirror off my car as I backed out of our garage…

… well, I’m just not up for it.

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Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

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I have no time. None. Well, a little bit. But not enough to write a full-on post about what I’ve been doing and what I think about it. You must deal with me writing in bullet points today, because that’s where my brain is. Bullet points.

Bullet Point One: Knitting
I have finished the baby blanket. Last night (the 17th), in fact. But the bind off is too loose and it makes me sad. I may undo it and redo it. No pictures, due to the sad.

Bullet Point Two: The Reason for the Knitting
My friend’s baby was born at 9:21pm on Tuesday night. Mom and baby are doing well, and would be doing a lot better if their hospital would take some time to realize that birthing women are human beings and deserve to be treated as such.

In honor of the new baby girl, I took a bunch of pictures of the day, and here’s my favorite:

Flower & Bee

Bullet Point Three: Work
I’ve been busy doing this, and it’s eating my brain. A lot.

Bullet Point Four: Curtains!
My Mom is helping me make curtains for our bedroom, and it’s sort of slow going because I’ve never sewn anything at all before (really, nothing) and I’m completely intimidated by it. Although I’m getting rather adept at pinning things together:

More pinning
god, I hate that wallpaper so much.

That’s all.

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With today being the first full day of spring (right? Am I right? I have no idea. The calendar says yesterday was the Spring Equinox, so I’m guessing here.), ALLEGEDLY, you would think that winter’s icy grip would relax and daffodils would be in bloom and birds would sing and Bambi and Thumper might cavort around your knees and all would be sunshiny goodness, right?

Welcome to Spring

Wrong times 1,000.
Zoom! Orange Snow Truck

It snowed again today. On my day off. Which I am using to fight off a sinus/throat/bronchial infection that’s been the bane of my existence for 2 months (in sinus infection form). It migrated to my throat on Thursday and I called my wonderful goddess of a Nurse Practitioner (::angels singing::) who ordered me a Z-pack and now I’m feeling loads better. But I’m still honked off about the snow. And the fact that my bathtub drain is slower than … oh, I don’t know. Something quaint and folksy but slow as hell.

Whatever. I’m going to try to gloss over all that with a FO Report on my Stripey Mittens.

Stripey Mittens
Project: Stripey Mittens, made so I could teach others how to knit mittens in my most recent class. I had never made mittens before, so what better time to learn. I totally love these mitts and am thinking of making a semi-matching hat.

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Fuschia, Red Baron, and Orange You Glad. More Fuschia than the other colors.

Needles: Knit Picks dpns 4.0mm/US 6. They are awesome.

Pattern: I used the mitten pattern in Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, for the 7 1/2″ size hand and a gauge 6 stitches to the inch. I did make the cuffs slightly smaller (cast on only 40 stitches instead of suggested 44, because my wrists are small and I like snug cuffs) and longer than suggested (they’re about 4″ long, to keep out the cold).

What I Learned: I used 3 colors as stripes for the first time, and at first I really couldn’t make the carry/wrap thing fall where I wanted. I don’t mean the jog at the color change — that wasn’t on my mind at all this go-round — I mean when you switch colors and lift the new color over (or under) the old ones. I eventually got it, but don’t ask me to tell you what I did, because I do not remember.

Time Spent: February 7th to March 13th, which is ridiculous. I only paused because I had finished the first one for my last class on February 26th, and then the weather started getting better (LIES!!) and I thought I didn’t need the second one for another 10 months or so. Then the weather got snarky again and I finished it up.

So there it is, another FO. Now why can’t Mother Nature get her shit together and call Winter a Finished Object?

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I’ll be frank with you, I just have not felt like writing at all this past week. I haven’t really felt like doing much of anything, come to think of it. Winter is killing my spirit.

light and snow

It’s snowing again right now, and we are expected to get up to 13 inches.

Mountain of snow, with snow

There’s a randomness to how I’m feeling, so there is a randomness to this post. (Ah, delightful symmetry!)

…Thank you to those of you who gave me virtual hugs during this past week. For me and the ones I know, things are headed in the direction of normal, although it’s a weird normal in which this shooting took place. So yes. Forward, together forward… in the words of the NIU fight song.

boot print.
It’s not really yellow snow. It’s just that I was under the sodium lights when I took this picture. Seriously.

…I’ve been working on my doula certification, and that’s going well. I’m in the middle of compiling a list of community resources for new parents/newly expanded families, and it’s exhausting. I have 44 categories on my list, and I have to (at least) have 1 entry in 30 of those categories. Right now I have 17 categories done, most of those with multiple listings. That part of my spirit has not yet been killed by this damned winter.

snow and dark

…Today I discovered that my old running shoes (which I’ve been wearing as work-a-day shoes) have holes in them. I discovered this while walking through a puddle. Awesome.


…I have also been knitting this whole time and got myself through my first-ever mitten! Hooray! The second one has been started, and is part of my teaching project so I’m not moving very fast. Not that I moved very fast on the first one either.

innards of mitten!
It’s inside-out here, although this side kind of intrigues me…

…The snowplows are coming through again. I wonder how long this storm will last. We have already shoveled once, and it wasn’t slowing down any when I was out there 2 hours ago.

Possibly public lot #9

…One day I will tell you the story of My Left Groin Muscles And How They Broke, but not now. Now it is sufficient to say that they are doing much better and I can walk and turn corners easily and without fear for the first time in years. Thus begins the “get in shape so I don’t hurt” part of my 2008 goals.


…Nights like this, I don’t mind winter so much. It’s pretty, it covers up the crappy bits, and the world gets still and muffled so I feel a little less pressed-upon. (It’s just the whole winter put together that has brung me low)

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When I returned to work after my birthday weekend I had lots of emails and phone calls to catch up on. I’m teaching two knitting classes next month and had emailed the students (signing off with just my first and last name) about color preferences as I am getting the yarn (because the last time I asked students to buy their own WOOL yarn, half of them showed up with acrylic). There’s a big age range for the students, with some of the older ones sounding far less mature than the younger ones. And while that adds an entirely new dimension to my stress, sometimes it’s nice to know that there are some kids out there who aren’t terrifyingly rude and nasty. However, sometimes it can be a little jarring on a personal level.

The 14-year-old, in what I can only assume was an effort to sound more grown-up and business-like in an email to a teacher, called me “Mrs. [MyLastName].”

For three whole minutes I thought she had mistakenly sent me an email she had intended for my Mom.

But no, it was for me. I was the Mrs.


Don’t forget about the Birthday contest, going on until 1/31/08 at midnight

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