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I’m going to give you a WIP Wednesday-type post. Because who knows what kind of time I’ll have tomorrow.

Currently, I have two pairs of socks on the needles. Okay, not really. I have one pair of socks and one single sock on the needles.

The pair of socks:
greenish socks
is the greeny Koigu KPPPM purchased I don’t know how long ago (probably a year?) at Wool & Company. The color number is lost forever, and we are sad. 2.5mm needles, 61-stitch sock, Wendy’s Toe-Up with Gusset & Slip Stitch Heel (that’s a .pdf)

Like a meadow of tiny stitches

These aren’t really my colors, but I like them just fine and the yarn was what I had already balled up in two bits ready to start work. It’s just a mindless stockinette sock, which is a perfect foil to this sock…

… which is the Synesthesia Sock from Bella Knitting in Cherry Tree Hill (one of their potluck colors, “jewels”) on 2.0mm needles. And let me state that if you knit this sock it will probably look TONS better than my sock, because the pattern is lovely and simple and the chart is clear as day. It’s just the knitter that’s causing the problem.

Not part of the plan

I’m having a really hard time with this project. It started out as a top-down sock, per the pattern, but I couldn’t hack it. I screwed up the pattern on THE SECOND ROUND and had to tink back, which pissed me off, so I ripped it and started it over, toe-up.

I’m knitting it on 2.0mm needles (new for me, and holy hell is there a steep learning curve!) because the pattern is 68 stitches, and my normal stitch count for socks (for me) on 2.5mm needles is 60. (Did I swatch and find that 2.0mm needles were the best tool for the job? Of course I didn’t. That would involve planning and forethought.) And can I just say that performing an innocent k2tog on wee bitty yarn and 2.0mm needles has become the bane of my entire existence.

I have completed one pattern repeat (length-wise, 2 repeats width-wise), and I’m really not sure about it. That bulgy part in the middle is where the 2 repeats meet, and initially I was knitting them on two needles. I’ve switched it to one needle now, but I’m not sure if that’s the answer.

My options are:
1. Keep going, hoping it will work itself out
2. Rip it and start over, this time making an actual swatch
3. Rip it and start an entirely different sock pattern, because this one and I clearly do not have an understanding at all.

Who knows what I’ll actually come up with.

In Other News:
I learned on Sunday night that one of my very best friends, the friend I’ve known the longest (since kindergarten [which I almost typed as “knitergarten”, how cool would that be?]), a non-knitter, is PREGNANT! I get to be an honorary auntie! Now I just have to find patterns that will be appropriate for a California baby in September.


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Dear Size Zero Needles

I hate you and love you at the same time.

I love the pretty fabric you make…


but I hate the way a simple k2tog is made difficult by the miniscule gauge which you create!

I admire your tininess and the way you distract from my need for a manicure…

See how tiny

but I hate that you dig into my thumb flesh and rub off my fingerprints. I need those.

In other breaking needle news, I still have not found my size 7 double points and await the day that I just lose every knitting tool I own in this tiny apartment through the miracle of gnomes and their friends the Pictsies.

Coming up next time: I discuss my Giftmas knitting and how it went over, my knitting plans for 2008, and my life plans for 2008 which include yet again a resolve to get into shape.

In the meantime, everyone have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

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Even though it is now November (hello, November!) I want to make it clear that I accomplished my SocktoberFest goal of finishing the Decidedly Fall socks … and starting a new pair.

Natural Light

Well, okay, the cuff of one sock. But still.

The pattern is Synesthesia Socks from Bella Knitting. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill supersock in a potluck/special colorway that falls under Jewels. I got it from The Loopy Ewe (one more order till I’m a groupie, and I can’t wait), and it’s actually my newest yarn purchase. I asked NinjaHusband if he’d like to pick out the next yarn I knit a pair of socks from, and he kind of brightened up and started raiding the sock yarn basket. He came up with this. I like when he’s involved.

Twisted Rib

It’s top-down (but maybe not for long… I kind of hate top-down) and it starts off with an inch or so of twisted rib (p1, k1tbl), which is not high on my list of knitting favorites either.

First round, knit backwards

I screwed up the lace pattern on the second needle of the first round, a mistake I didn’t realize until I reached the second needle of the second round. Now I’m knitting backwards.

I’m thinking of ripping and starting this as a toe-up sock. The lace pattern is charted, and I could just flip it around. Or have an upside-down Synesthesia Sock. And while I’m dithering, the setup can at least hang out in a sweet sock bag:

Sock Bag

One of my (now!) five sock bags from Anna, who happens to be a IRL supergood friend of mine. Her Etsy shop is full of awesome bags and she does custom orders and she’s really awesome and nice and a good person and funny and you should go see her. [/excitable 6-year-old] I’ll show more of my bags someday. Right now some are holding Christmas presents and musn’t see the light of day.

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First of all, THANK YOU a thousand times to you lovely people who said nice things about my blanket! Oh my gosh, I was totally overwhelmed — I thought the blanket was charming, but I didn’t expect so many of you to find it charming too. Thank you. The word “verklempt” is coming to mind here.

As a result of finishing the blanket (and of reading all your nice words), I’m feeling much more like a real knitter these days. That’s also a result of these:

Decidedly Fall socks

As I mentioned before, I wanted to finish these socks for Socktoberfest. Half of that goal is now accomplished, and I’m kind of proud of myself. It’s amazing what gets knitted when you actually sit down and knit it.

Some fall leaves to go with the fall socks

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock lightweight in Fred Flintstone (purchased at Stitches Midwest 2006)

On the hoof

Needles: Knit Picks dpns in 2.5mm / US 1.5 (don’t believe them when they say that the 2.5mm is just another size 1. It’s not.)


Pattern: Wendy’s Generic Toe-up with some ribbing all down the instep. And all over the leg. All over, really. Makes a really nice plaid-ish pattern. The bind-off is 2 rows of very loose knitting on the 2.5mm needles, then a standard bindoff in rib using a 3.25mm needle. No sock-top-tightness at all. Woohoo!

Yes, that is a bit of a tattoo you see above the sock. I’ll show more of it later.

Time Spent: I started in February 2007, finished October 13th, 2007. I am a pathetically slow sock knitter.


What I Learned:
I learned that despite my best efforts to make it so, socks do not knit themselves;
I learned that knitting small yarn on small needles very quickly can put actual dents in my hands (not just from the needles — from the yarn, too!);
I learned that the short-row toe is the perfect toe for my toes (so far, I mean, it’s the only toe I’ve ever done, but it fits damn well);
and I learned that the short-row heel, though helped in this sock by the stretchy ribbing, is not the perfect heel for my heel. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and make heel-flap-gusset socks, which I’ve been avoiding because the short-row heel is so perfectly easy (it’s just like the toe! Nothing new to worry about!).

I feel pretty strongly about toe-up socks, what with the provisional CO/short-row toe being pretty much an exact copy of my foot. I can probably swing a toe-up heel-flap-gusset sock, right?

What with being a real knitter and all.

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Because the weather has been acting more like summer and less like fall …

Honestly, what does a girl have to do to get a little autumn around here?

… I’m reviving the Decidedly Fall socks

The Cultured Sock
I took them to the theater to watch my sister’s play’s final dress rehearsal. The socks are much smarter about theater stuff than I am.

… because damn, that log cabin blanket is heavy. And because it’s Socktoberfest. And because I need to satisfy my hunger for fall, which has apparently left town.

I feel a bit weird, having tons of sock yarn (see my Flickr set for (almost all) the dirt) but having made only one pair of socks. I’m going to try to get over whatever has been my hangup and finish this pair of socks, and start another this month.

After the Behemoth Log Cabin Blanket of Doom is put to bed.

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I’ve been in kind of a knitting funk the past few weeks. Although really, it’s more like an overall funk with many things conspiring to bring me down a bit. But the knitting funk makes things especially sucky, because for me (as it is with many of you, I suspect) knitting is a way out of the grumbly time, when I can shut out the crap and just focus on the damn lace section of my headband. Ideally.

When the knitting starts to feel like a chore, though … ugh. Then I start feeling all dutiful and start thinking “well, I should finish what I started even though I’m not having any fun any more” and other very adult and noble and martyr-ish thoughts.

I’ve been having those thoughts about these socks:

Socks, in larval stage

They are the socks I started back in February (I think… I’m not sure because it has been so freaking long), and I’m entirely uninterested in them. I think it might be the color (so autumny, so perfect to knit in September or October, but not now when I want bright flashy springy summery colors). It might also be that the socks are pretty boring. 2×2 rib all the way around the damn leg for a hundred more years. It might be that I’m such a slow knitter that my love for a project reaches its expiration date way before I finish it. This would explain the half-knit whatsits congregating at the bottom of my workbasket. Hmmm…

Whatever the case, after reading of Grumperina’s project defenestration, I’ve decided to just set these socks aside until I want them again. Because what is the point of knitting something that feels like a chore or drudgery? This is supposed to be my happy-fun-creative time, not my awful-crafting-burden time. (That should only be reserved for plastic canvas kleenex cozies.)

The socks, they are banished until the fall.

I am still working on the Ballet Camisole. Turns out my gauge is absolutely correct (I measured in four different places on the tank) and the bust is even measuring a little small (no big deal, I cast on for a size that’s about an inch bigger than me). So all the worry was for naught. (Except that I got to say “naught” which gives me more happiness than it should.)

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I’m knitting again!

The chiropractic problem with my wrists/shoulders has been solved, and I’m knitting!

This is one side of the to-be-felted-tote. It is garter stitch and a little boring, but I love it! Because I can knit!

This is the side of the bag with the pocket sitting on top. I think the log cabin deal is going to look very cute, and will dress up the whole thing a bit.

These are the two ends of the rectangle. I’m knitting (!!!) them at the same time for speed and consistency (because garter stitch is so very difficult…?).

These are the next pair of socks that I mentioned having cast on. They are the same pattern (.pdf!) I used with my first pair of socks, except I’m working over 64 sts and I’ve put — what else? — a 2×2 ribbing on the instep which will continue up the leg.

The yarn is Socks That Rock Fred Flintstone, purchased at Stitches Midwest last summer. I showed these socks to Heather the other day and she got all googly-eyed and demanded to know what kind of yarn that was so that she could buy some and make it her own THISVERYMINTUE! I told her and then she looked a little sheepish. “Oh,” she said, “I have that in my stash at home.” Snerk.

And today is frabjous for another reason. Ten years ago today Nick asked me to be his girlfriend. Ten years. TEN YEARS. I stand gobsmacked. And more goofishly in love than ever. Woohoo!

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