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Sunday Top Ten

I’m stealing this meme from every other blogger. Want to play along? Set your ipod to shuffle all (or play all, whatever) and list the first ten songs that come up.

1. “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin
2. “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins
3. “Take a Chance on Me” by ABBA
4. “One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21” by The Flaming Lips
5. “Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)” by AFI
6. “Bad Education” by Tilly and the Wall
7. “Wise Up” by Aimee Man
8. “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole” by Martha Wainwright
9. “All the Umbrellas in London” by The Magnetic Fields
10. “Red Tide” by Neko Case

Huh. That’s kind of a weird list.

In other news, I’m two repeats away from finishing the shawl, and I’ve reached the Slogging Bit. I had hoped to get it done this weekend, but got busy with all the doing nothing that I did instead.


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My plans for this week included:

1. Filing our tax return
2. Buy a plane ticket to Philadelphia for May
3. Start playing with paint colors for the kitchen
4. Finishing several knitting projects
5. Cleaning the kitchen
6. Doing several loads of laundry
7. Uploading pictures
8. Updating my other blog
9. Being awesome
10. Knit on my shawl

My plans for the weekend did not include:

1. Getting sicker and possibly developing laryngitis which is making me too tired to do any of those things on the list.

And yet.

However, I have been knitting on the shawl.

Tuscany shawl, in progress

So I’ve got that going for me.

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Note to self

If you’re going to knit one sock over the course of 10 months, then dither about casting on for the second sock, it would help matters immensely if you were to not misplace the original pattern, causing you to use the wrong pattern for the second sock because the wrong pattern kind of resembles the original pattern a little.

I mean really.

The green sock? The one I’m holding up for my cat to regard in my last picture of my last post? Yeah. I am using an entirely different pattern for this one than I did for the original sock. Which I cast on in April of 2008. This new sock may or may not be two stitches short of the original (yes, please insert joke here in which I myself am a few stitches short of a sock. THE IRONY IS NOT LOST ON ME.), and I can’t find the original pattern in my pattern binder, or in my project bags. I’m going to reprint it today and hopefully be able to salvage my sock.

If I can’t, you will find me under the bed muttering curses to the world and chewing on sock yarn.

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It’s my birthday again, and it’s the last age I’ll ever be that will have a 2 at the beginning of it. Unless I live to be 200, and that seems unlikely.

I finished knitting my sister’s tea cozy last Friday (and dammit, the pictures are on my laptop at home; I’m at work) (pictures tomorrow), and while I feel like I should start one of the other Christmas Gifts That Weren’t Finished (or Started) In Time, I’m really much more inclined to knit for myself, at least for one project. I need to take advantage of all this knitting excitement and energy and put it into something for me. Aside from the t-shirt rag rug I made back in September/October, I haven’t made anything for myself since February.

Because I have a billion knit projects in my Rav Favorites list, and a bunch in my Queue, I’m going to need some help deciding on a project, and I’m hosting a contest to entice you to tell me what you think! Should I make…

… the Emerald Cardigan (Ravelry link) (Knitty link) which will make a perfect over-everything cardigan — something I don’t already have in my wardrobe

… a Hooded Scarf (based on this Ravelry link, but in burgundy & cream alpaca, with a more complicated cable), perfect for keeping my hair nice when I have to go out in the wintery cold. Yarn was purchased on my honeymoon and I’ve been trying to find the best pattern for it

… the Tuscany Shawl from No Sheep For You (Ravelry link) which I’ve been lusting after for probably two years, and which has haunted my dreams

… or the Back-to-School Vest from Fitted Knits (Ravelry link), which would be a cute addition to the work wardrobe?

(I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge that yes, the last time I asked your help in choosing a project, or a yarn for the project, I failed to keep up my end of the bargain by actually completing the project. Let it be known that I won’t let that happen again. If you care.)

Vote on which one you’d like to see me start (and finish!), using the little poll thinger below (I hope… I’ve never used one of these things before), and leave me a comment telling me what you voted for and why, or just hello. I’ll be tracking the votes on the poll thinger, but I’ll use the comments to choose a number for the winner of this amazing prize:

Louet Gems Fern

Two skeins of Louet Gems fingering weight superwash sock yarn in Fern from my stash!

The contest runs from now through Thursday night, the 29th, at midnight Central time. Get your votes and comments (only comments will be entered to win the prize) in by midnight (Central) on Thursday! I’ll choose a winner (or rather, the random number generator will choose a winner for me) and post the results on Friday. Thanks for your help!

Last week’s pictures will be posted later today (probably tonight). I’m having a hard time choosing one from Saturday’s birthday bar crawl. They’re not as hilarious as some pictures from college, but they’re pretty sweet.

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This is weird.

I have an unfamiliar urge.

An urge to … KNIT. Constantly I’m thinking about knitting. Knitting a tea cozy. Knitting myself mittens. Knitting myself two pairs of mittens. Knitting mittens for a friend and sort of coming up with a new pattern to do it. Knitting a sweater, two sweaters, THREE sweaters! Charting a basic colorwork pattern (my own!) for a truly awesome gift idea! I can do everything!

I think the fierce cold (high today? -6 F. Low tonight? -26 F, before windchill) has frozen my brain into the knit setting. Wool sucks me in with its promise of warmth and cozyness, and the thought of knitting in a cozy recliner with a warm cat draped across my feet or stomach or legs (better than a hot water bottle!) is helping me get up the nerve to leave the warm, knowing I can eventually get out of the arctic freeze to return to knitting bliss.

The tea cozy is being knit in these yarns…
Brown Sheep LP Worsted
Brown Sheep LP Worsted

One of the sweaters wants to be knit in these yarns…
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

My desire for two of the sweaters comes from squares in my Paintbox Blanket
kureyon 128
kureyon 180

One pair of the mittens for myself has got to be these Deep In The Forest mittens, which I love with a passion that scorns all my previous passions for knit patterns. I just thought of the perfect combination of yarn (already in my stash! I so rule!) for this project, and of course it doesn’t match my current hat and scarf set. Doesn’t matter. I’ll make 4 pairs of these mittens.

And, in the middle of all this knitterly inspiration, Femiknitter is coming to my house tomorrow morning. I am having a damn hard time containing my excitement, although I’m sure it’ll lighten up a little when I get back home after the gym and see how much cleanup I have to do.

Because when knitterly inspiration strikes, it leaves a wake of destruction. Or at least massive clutter.

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Really, I’ve tried to find a coherent theme for this post but I just can’t. All coherence has been removed from this sector. Randomness has set in, and I find it to be delicious.

Things I Can’t Find
(Aside from my coherence)
1. Size 6 nickel-plated dpns.
2. Page two of my copied Child’s First Sock pattern.
3 & 4. The chart I made for my next project-for-me, which is a heavily modified version of a pattern… that I can’t find.
5. My headlamp (used for reading in bed at night to not disturb NinjaHusband)

Things That Are Awesome
1. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for my annual exam (when’s yours?). Awesome? Yes, because I’m ensuring the health of my girlie bits and I’m seeing a new doctor who is only 15 minutes away! And I’m bringing my doula business cards & flyers to put up in her office. Kickass.
2. The doctor’s appointment means I have only a half day of work!
3. After the half day of work I have a workout date with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.
4. I have Friday off and am having lunch with another friend I haven’t seen in a few months.
5. My Mom and my Fairy Godmother just finalized plans with me to go yarn shopping next Tuesday morning … okay, now the plans are finalized, for the day after my birthday.
6. Next Friday the esteemed Femiknitter is coming to town for hijinks of the yarn variety!

Things That Are Additional Things
1. I’m trying to choose a pattern to buy yarn for when I go shopping with Mom and Fairy Godmother. I keep going through my favorites on Ravelry but I can’t decide. Oh dear, I may have to spend some time in the yarn room tonight for inspiration. Darnit.
2. I’m working on belated holiday gifts and one of the gifts involves learning a new technique, and I’m kind of all giddy about it. There may be pictures soon.
3. My Clapotis is finished and actually on my shoulders as I type this.

You, Me & Clapotis

4. I have a cat draped elegantly over my feet.
5. I made banana chocolate-chip muffins tonight, did a load of laundry, and a load of dishes. Win.
6. I did not work out like I planned to. Fail.
7. Meh, it all balances out.
8. My iPod just started playing “Angel” by Massive Attack. AWESOME. I feel like I should take some drugs and dance slowly in a strobe light.

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I’m not going to lie to you — this year hasn’t seen my best work, knitting-wise.

I started to list the highlights of this past year, by month, and I got bored doing it. I got bored talking about my own self. How lame is that? And when I looked at my Ravelry projects I saw that I only have 10 projects completed for the entire 12 months of 2008. TEN. And two of them are actually one project (the snowflake IOU gift ornaments), so really it’s nine. Nine paltry lame-ass projects.

Morning Light

Part of me feels like a failure about this, and part of me is pretty much okay with it. So I didn’t knit everything I wrote down on my list. I enjoyed what I did knit and enjoyed the time I spent not knitting. So I didn’t accomplish everything on my other resolutions list. I did buy a house and I did get my ass in gear (though not all the way into shape…). I ran a 3K in August and currently have very stiff hamstrings from my latest trip to the gym, which now includes weight training. I’m counting that as a win.

All over but the starchin'

Overall, 2008 was a pretty good year for me. I made a pair of socks. I made mittens. I traveled to New Jersey for the first time to visit an awesome friend. I sort of slept through an earthquake. I got a sweet tattoo. I took some good pictures. I took in a sweet cat. I started volunteering. See? Full of win.

And as it turned out, this past Sunday found me winning yet again. I was at Knit Night (having a really good time, with Heather and Anna and Sandi and more! all there in one place for the first time in like a billion years) working on Clapotis (Ravelry link) (my project page). I was in Section 4 and had 1 1/2 repeats left to go according to my little sticky note. I kept looking at the stitch count and thinking I had far fewer stitches than suggested for where I was. Turns out I was about 2 repeats ahead of myself and was actually at the end of Section 4! I don’t know if I had knit more than I thought and never noted it on the sticky (possible) or if benevolent Knitting Gnomes came to my aid and worked on my scarf for me (highly probable), but it didn’t matter — I was in the home stretch. Section 5 flew by and, amid the cheers of my fellow knitters, I came to the final stitch…

Last Stitch

(Sorry for the blurry… the flash washed everything out and I wanted to document this piece of awesomesauce quickly.)

It’s now off the needles all I have left to do is help the remaining stitches drop down (like half of them are left) and weave in the ends. I hear blocking is not necessary with this scarf, but I might just wash it and gently pin it out anyway.

That’s my year. I’m glad it’s ending on a high note. How was your 2008? Epic win or epic fail? Share in the comments!

And even though I just installed The Internet in my house last night (first in-home internet since the move!), I’ll probably maintain radio silence as we’re having 12+ houseguests over the holiday. Happy New Year everyone!

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