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The weather has turned a little cooler in the last couple days, and I’m starting to see autumn everywhere. I love it. I’m so ready for summer heat to be over. The forecast calls for one day out of the next week to be in the 80s, and the rest of them are low-to-mid 70s! Hooray! Bring on the sweater weather!

And bring on the babies. My friend is due on September 20th or 21st, and while she’s hoping the baby will come sooner, I’m hoping for an on-time or fashionably late arrival, as I’m still working on this:

There's a little pooling

I’ve passed the halfway point, where I measured the length and found it to be exactly half of the width. Now that I’ve done that, of course, I’m certain to find myself circling the Black Hole of Knitting and it may take me some time to get out. I love this pattern for its simplicity (seed stitch a bit, knit a bit, purl a bit, seed stitch some more; repeat) and mindlessness (hello re-watching the whole series of West Wing!), but I’ve loved simple and mindless things before and it always takes some effort to extract myself from them. For example, my first high school boyfriend.

For now, though, this blanket is treating me pretty well. I can watch intelligent TV while I knit on it (though not subtitled foreign films), I can take it to knit night and feed it beer (really, I dropped a corner in my Guinness on Sunday. This baby is going to be a rabble-rouser, I can tell). It’s a good pattern.

Do you see the pooling purple XX in there? I think it’s charming and hilarious that this baby is going to have a hot pink blanket with two Xs worked into it. Outstanding.

Last Friday I had Anna and The Red Queen over to cut up t-shirts for the purpose of making recycled bathmats/throw rugs. You may recall (but maybe not, it’s okay) the bathmat I crocheted three years ago. It’s time to make some more, as half my basement floor is cold concrete and one of my kitchen rugs really belongs outside.

So we’re sitting on my living room floor (Anna likes the carpet), cutting our accumulated t-shirts into strips (pictures to follow), and Anna asked me this extremely puzzling question:

“So what are you knitting for you now?”

Just for me? Hmm. Well, I’ve got the completely stalled green socks from April that I can’t seem to finish, the stunted Sprout cardigan (Ravelry link) that is lost in its own black hole of knitting, and … yeah. A few other things in which I have totally lost interest. I don’t know if it’s the projects or the fact that summer kind of sucked my love of knitting from my soul, but I haven’t been inclined to knit anything for myself lately. And (and I just realized this) I find it pretty weird that I’ve been knitting on this pink baby blanket exclusively since I started it. What the crackers is going on?

So, after this blanket is finished I’m going to start on something that is for me. I don’t know what that is yet, but I’m thinking something warm. A shawl in worsted alpaca, purchased on my honeymoon? A Clapotis in a silvery silk/wool blend, a wedding gift from my favorite knitters of all time (because I may be the last knitter in the known universe to knit this amazing scarf)? The DROPS jacket that Femiknitter made? So many choices. So many warm and cozy possibilities to wrap up in.

And autumn is coming.

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Looks like caramel


I am thankful for many things this year, including friends, NinjaHusband, family (except for that one evil cousin), and whatever kicked me in the ass to start doula training.

I hope everyone’s holiday is safe / fun / happy / quiet / loud / boisterous / calm / lasts forever / is over quickly. Whatever you want, I hope you get it. Cheers, guys!

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