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How to turn an old sort-of swivel/rocking chair into a (more-or-less) stable chair with four feet. Because I know you’re just dying to know.

The chair, purchased for $5.00 at a co-worker’s garage sale 8 years ago
Power drill
4 Wooden bun feet, pre-drilled with double-ended screws
4 Brackets with accompanying screws of their own
(feet and brackets and hardware found at my local Lowe’s)

Step 1. Turn chair on its head

In this picture you can see that I’ve already removed the original base. I did this many years ago because the damn thing was loose, unwieldy and generally annoying as hell. The white fabric under the chair is a fitted twin sheet used as a makeshift slipcover because I really dislike the chair’s upholstery and it kind of clashes hard with that room’s color scheme. If your chair still has its base, take it off with the power drill (set it to reverse to pull those screws out).

Step 2. Place Brackets
Bottom of Chair

Place your brackets on bottom of the chair, making sure they’re located on solid parts of the chair frame. You can see here that the brackets toward the back (curved part) of the chair aren’t all the way in the back. This is because that part of the frame is pretty narrow and wouldn’t hold the whole bracket. Boo hiss, but it’s fine. Placing the brackets on the middle part of the frame turned out fine.

(Oh, make sure you have your power drill all charged and with the right bit)
Important Tool

Step 3. Attach Brackets
attaching bracket

Before this project I had never used a power drill and I was a little nervous. NinjaHusband showed me how to use the drill, what to do to make sure the screws were secure, and then he left. It’s no big — just hold the bracket down on the chair frame with your non-dominant hand and use your dominant hand to drive the screw in with the drill. The bracket may want to move a bit as the screw gets tighter, but you can hold it still.

Step 4. Install Bun Feet
Bun foot with screw, bracket

Bun foot and bracket

attaching bun foot to bracket

This is pretty self-explanatory. The bun feet already have the screw attached; all you need to do is screw the foot into the bracket, which has a convenient central hole expressly for this purpose.

Repeat for all brackets and feet, then stand your chair back up and rejoice!

my chair's new feet

The chair has feet now, instead of sitting directly on the floor! Now all I have to do to mine is get it recovered.

You may remember that the chair’s back feet aren’t all the way to the back of the frame — yes, this does allow for some rocking back, but only if I really throw my weight to the back. I have to really want it to move, otherwise it’s totally fine.

(I’m looking forward to the wacky google hits I’m sure this post will generate.)


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