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I’m a bulb.

This is my answer for why I’ve been feeling hibernate-y and uncreative and unsocial and grumpy this winter. I’m a bulb that turns inward until the sun comes out again, when I can synthesize the sunlight into huge bursts of creative energy that turn into something beautiful, after the frost is gone and the risk of damage is minimal.

Either that or it’s a significant chemical imbalance, so I’m leaning toward the bulb theory, if you don’t mind.


I promised details about the ingredients (seen here:)
Assemble the ingredients!

They turned into this glorious confection:

Want more? Of course you do. Here’s another look:
Chocolatey goodness

It was SO AMAZING. And so very vegan. And delicious. The texture? Imagine if a peanut butter cup got mixed up with pudding. In a good way. It was denser than a mousse or a pudding, but not what I’d call chewy or hard. Hey, I have a picture of the middle right here:

It was perfect. And I got the recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking (amazon.com link, but if you have a local bookseller, think about buying it from them). The only thing I would change is that I would add about 1/2 a teaspoon of salt to the mix. I think my peanut butter (East Wind or Earth Wind or East Tree or Wind East … something), an organic natural thing, is a little under salted and salt would have brought out the chocolate and peanut butter flavors even more. I actually salted a couple of the slices that I had, and they tasted better. Not that the pie wasn’t good. Because it was freaking awesome. And freaking vegan! So that’s why this is kind of a swatch for future pies made from this recipe.

Because I am strong and feel I can withstand the judgment that will inevitably come with this confession, I want to tell the internet that I finally washed my purple hat after two years. The hat was not fluffy, was no longer snug on my noggin, and did very little to keep the whistling winds of winter (yes, I went for the alliteration) from my delicate ears. So on Saturday I threw it in my hand-knit washtub (which also doubles as my dyepot when I dye yarn, which is never) with some Eucalan. The water, it was disgusting. Seriously, the hat had barely hit the water before the water went all brownish-cloudy and started smelling really strange. TOTAL GROSS. I squeezed the hat to let the wool wash get all through and I had to work hard to keep my lunch to myself. LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YE: do not wait two years between hat-washings!!

The drying process reminded me why I didn’t wash the damn thing during the winter though…
Handknits, drying
… it took three days to completely dry.

And the very neutral-colored yarn I was knitting up turned into this,
six and a half inches
… a swatch for this summery sweater (.pdf link), which I’m hoping I can finish before winter comes back. Which means I should start it before spring is over. I am the slowest knitter ever.


In other news, this sign is on the side of a building in Rochelle, Illinois…
No Clearance
Possibly a proactive and helpful approach to dealing with the town’s joyriders.

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