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Goings-on in my kitchen

1. I was preparing a recipe the other day and realized I owned zero tarragon, despite the overflowing spice shelf:

And no freaking tarragon

2. While slicing a shallot for my dinner, I was greeted with an obscene gesture.

Mooned by my food

Totally uncalled for, really. The saucy shallot quickly became, well, sauce.

3. I either have a cold or my sinuses are secretly stuffing themselves full of cotton while I’m not looking, because I’m having a hard time sleeping, breathing, and concentrating these past few … ooh, shiny! The only thing that’s helping me so far is hot tea (preferably lemon) with whiskey and honey and possibly a dash of lemon juice.

Cold remedy

With much thanks to Femiknitter who told me about such life-giving sustenance several years ago, likely when I was stuffed up and she didn’t want to listen to me snort and sniffle any longer.

My brain is still MIA, so please ignore the pointless and nonsensical posts. Or don’t. Whatever, I don’t care. Do what you want. It’s cool. No, really. I can handle your judgment, so please yourself.
(Except the other day, when I actually typed “smartitude” on my blog and let it stay there? Yeah, I can’t handle the judgment on that one. Ignore it.)

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