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Green is my color

I didn’t get last week’s pictures up last night because I was busy finishing this:

Tuscany cast off

Excuse me while I go block it.


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From the first moment we walked into our house after the closing, I’ve been giddily pointing out various parts of the house and saying things like, “And this is the front closet, THAT WE OWN” or “That’s the dishwasher THAT WE OWN” or “Here is the sunless basement complete with large hairy spiders THAT WE OWN.” What can I say? Owning a home makes me giddy.

Owning a home also makes me be more responsible. We paid our first mortgage payment this week. I wrote the (very, very large) check and surprised myself by not weeping or passing out from hemorraging so much money in one sitting. (I did, however, have an urge to drink a very, very large alcoholic beverage, an urge I fought down as it was only 10:00 in the morning. I think this is what they call “maturity.”)

So in honor of this first of many huge checks I’ll be writing to the mortgage company, I give you pictures of my office THAT I OWN.

Office wall

more office walls

So, yeah, it’s a little bit green. I love it SO much I can’t even tell you.

And in addition to the dresser in the first picture, the yarn will live here:

where the yarn will live

I am so in love with my office, seriously. Once I get a desk it’ll be so kickass.


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Green Socks With A Twist

Sorry for the extended blog silence (well, for me). I got busy with these socks, with preparations for teaching two knitting classes this week, and with hating winter with a bitter cold passion (seriously, what is going on with all this snow? And so often?). I’m feeling better now and am tickled to announce…

A Finished Object. Or two? Does a pair of socks count as one FO or two? The deep mysteries of knitting.

Let it be known that I failed utterly in trying to remember my template for FO posts because it has been so fricking long since I last properly talked about a finished project. It occurs to me that all my Christmas knitting projects just kind of got lumped into one “I’m done! And moving on!” quasi-post and never got their own parades. Not that I’m going there now, because … no. Just no. But we shall rejoice because I did finally figure out my FO template, after going all the way back to October 2007.

First we’ll look at the many ways this project tried to eat my brain.
1x1 rib - fug 2x2 rib ktbl
The first 1×1 rib looked like crap, and the 2×2 rib didn’t work out. It both started and ended with k2. FAIL.

But I got back on the horse that threw me and finished the darn things.
perfect pair

Basic toe-up socks. With cable on both sides. For funsies!
On the hoof

Koigu KPPPM in some green colorway. The tag with the number is lost, or hidden under a mountain of sock yarn which I have no desire to move.
More cable

Knit Picks dpn 2.5mm / US 1.5.

Wendy’s Fingering weight toe-up socks with slip-stitch heel (that’s a .pdf) I love this pattern so much.
The heel oh my god I love it
Because it makes the gusset look like this.

The pattern comes in various sizes, and I wanted a size that was between the smallest and the medium-est. So I made up my own numbers for the heel and gusset. It was harder than just changing my gauge, but that’s how I roll, yo. And because I was determined to use up as much of the yarn as possible (one awesome advantage of the toe-up sock method), I worked up to where my calf muscle (the gastrocnemius, and I can’t believe I remembered (a) the medical name and (b) how to spell it) starts and felt it wise to increase two stitches before I started the cuff.
Increases, for the calf
I finished it off with a k1tbl, p1 rib which is pretty and neat and pleases me no end.
the ribbing and the cable

Time Spent
December 21st to February 10th. What the hell is my problem? To make up for the long wait between cast-on and finishing, I wore the socks a full 36 hours straight. That’s how much I love them.

What I Learned
I learned how to make a toe-up sock with a gusset and slip-stitch heel, and that this is my new favorite method of making socks. I learned that I could add features midway (the cable). I learned the suspended bind-off which made my cuffs very flexible. I learned that a 60-stitch sock in fingeringweight on 2.5mm needles with a cable is just a smidge too tight for my feet (I can get them on my foot, but only with some tugging). And I learned that there is a difference between M1R and M1L increases, and that I should have used both of them but didn’t.

I love the bejeezus out of these socks, and the pattern is amazing. Well-written, clear, perfect. Hooray for Wendy!

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My Latest FO

Work by Larry Brogan of Tattoo City Skin Art in Lockport, IL.
Pain endured and overwhelming joy experienced by Me.

Just finished

twisty in process

Smile through the pain
Ever had a man drill into your spine? It’s so much fun!

This is part of NinjaHusband’s & my 1-year anniversary gift to each other. Yes, our 1-year anniversary was in July of last year. Yes, NinjaHusband has one more session to go on his tattoo. I’ll ask him if I can link to the picture.


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