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Previously I showed you an old picture of the Chosen-by-Blog sock. It was pretty terrible, and also old and outdated. I have moved on from the foot since then, and I am now ready to show you just how it really looks:

Chosen-by-Blog Socks
Pointy bits to be removed at a later date

I added three columns of twisted rib up both sides of the sock, for anti-boredom purposes. So far it’s working and it looks fabulious.

Chosen-by-Blog socks

Right now I’m only working on the first sock — haven’t started the second sock — and it’s a little weird. Usually I like to knit both socks at the same time so I can make them the same. My standard method is as follows:
(1) cast on the toe for the first, swear, rip it out, try again, swear more, rip it out, try again, succeed and get past the increases for the wedge toe;
(2) repeat for second sock;
(3) work the foot of both socks, alternating between first and second socks to pretend like I’m not knitting the same thing over and over and over forever, because my feet are 9.25″ long (most of which I blame on my toes);
(4) increase for the gussets on whichever sock is in my hands at the moment it reaches 6.25″ long;
(5) repeat for the other sock, wherever it is… it should be in its project bag but IT IS HIDING;
(6) turn heel and work heel flap on whichever sock is handy;
(7) repeat if I can find the other sock;
(eight) work the leg on both socks (assuming they are in the same place again), alternating between first and second socks, again pretending this isn’t boring (so far I’ve only made very basic socks)
(9) cuff both of them about the ears and finish.

Why am I not following the oh-so-soothing protocol for the Chosen-by-Blog socks? Because the other set of 2.25mm needles is still in the second sock of this pair:

Rainbow waves sock 1, side 1

which does not fit (*sob*). I’m hanging on to the second sock in case the finished first sock fits my sister; if it does, I will finish the second sock.

In other news, it is raining and gloomy today, and our search for a house continues apace. We saw EIGHT houses last night and none of them really turned our crank. Or, none of the prices really turned our crank. I know that where I live prices are not anywhere near the high prices of other areas, but these houses seem really overpriced. We looked at a HUGE 4-bedroom in kind of a crap neighborhood, which would take years and years and probably 150,000$ to fix up and make nice. That’s on top of the asking price of 132,000$.

I am a little discouraged, and the rain is not helping. If anyone knows of a fantastic home in my town for very little money (hello! we are poor!), please let me know.

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