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We’re in!

The move went smoothly, thanks to our friends Adam & Beth and CornBred who kicked ass and helped us haul our belongings from apartment to truck and from truck to house. HOUSE!!!

We own a house!*

We also own this wallpaper:
New House - the kitchen
Makes me want to throw up and then kill someone.

And this wallpaper:
New House - his office

But after a long day of hard work (thank you to my brother-in-law and my Mom for their help!) on Sunday, we no longer own these wallpapers:
New House - my office
It was too froofy to live.

New House - our bedroom
Very much no.

The formerly-pink room is our bedroom (in which we have not slept because we are redecorating it), and the floral with creepy-ass dolls is my office/yarn room. YARN ROOM!!! (where I may someday knit again! Maybe!). Last night, right before the Storm of Doom and Tree Death hit, we chose colors for the bedroom and went out to Lowe’s to buy the paint. While we were at Lowe’s, held hostage by the Storm of Doom and nervously pacing the aisles trying not to completely flip out because the tornado sirens were going off for a REALLY LONG TIME (that was me), I chose the colors for my office. We are still working out the living room and kitchen colors, and NinjaHusband has to decide on his office colors.

I absolutely adore choosing paint colors and decorating schemes. I could look at color swatches for days, seriously. That’s not to say that I’m very good at arranging furniture into lovely groupings or that I feel completely confident in my choice of colors, but I do enjoy giving it a shot. Right now I’m having lots of fun brining design books home from the library and, mirable dictu, NinjaHusband is getting into reading them too. He used to look askance at my design/decorating books, but now he’s picking them up on his own and leafing through them and saying things like “This is pretty cool” or “That is awful” or “Hmmm.” It gives me a happy.

I’m glad something is giving me a happy. Right now we’re sleeping in the SPORTS!!! room on an inflatable mattress until we get the bedroom done (spackle tonight, Killz on Thursday, paint on Friday & Saturday). It’s not the most comfortable thing to sleep on several nights running, but it gets the job done.

Cheers to getting into the house without breaking anything of value, and Cheers to you guys who cheered me on through this process. I appreciate it.
We had Champagne
Champagne flutes from my sister’s travels to Italy. We had Champange on Friday night. I did not break either of these glasses.

*Did you know that in order to buy a house you have to sign a piece of paper (among thousands of other pieces of paper) that affirms that you are not a terrorist? Seriously. I happily signed every other paper NinjaHusband’s boss put in front of me, but I totally balked at signing this USA Patriot Act thing. They insisted that I had to sign it or I wouldn’t get the house, so I did, but I snarked about it and made nasty comments about George W. Bush the whole time. So I am apparently not a terrorist, nor do I harbor terrorists in my new home. Because I signed a piece of paper. The end.

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