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1. Dropping stitches has become my new hobby.


I’m knitting almost exclusively on the Clapotis these days, and it’s starting to look like an actual shawl/scarf/wrap/thing. While I’ve been a little bored with this project lately, now that I’m dropping stitches so far down the length of the piece I am fully in love with it.

Clap progress
Pardon my flash… it’s hard to get good lighting this time of year

It doesn’t hurt that every time I pull the Clap out at knit night the girls all ooh and ahh over it. Bonus knitting self-esteem!

2. I’ve overhauled my Ravelry organization. When I first got into saving patterns that I love and want to knit someday, I threw them into my queue where they would languish and make me feel guilty about not knitting them righthisminute. Which, really, was impossible because the queue was like 7 pages long or more. Now I’ve put all the patterns I want to knit but for which I don’t have immediate plans into my favorites (eleven pages long) and have less guilt and more excitement.

And if you were wondering, all the baby and maternity stuff in my queue has nothing to do with me. I’m not pregnant. Empty womb. I just know a bunch of babies and pregnant women. That’s all.

3. I finished the curtains.

Our former window coverings involved a red top sheet held over the curtain rod with clamps (witness:)

How we used to roll
How classy is this? VERY. IT’S VERY CLASSY.

Now, after a million visits from my Mom to hold my hand through the process of planning, starting, and finishing my first-ever sewing project, we have curtains that actually look like curtains.

curtains - wide
Again with the flash, and now the dust motes. I am an exemplary housekeeper.

The casing (the part the curtain rod runs through) and its tiny ruffle

And as a bonus, my Mom gave me the sewing machine (hers) that I’d been using on this project! Hooray! Now I can make curtains all over the place! Next: my office. After that: NinjaHusband’s office, if he lets me (or if I stealth-decorate)!

4. I’m considering buying these boots in the khaki/khaki colorway. Any thoughts?

5. Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m trying to figure out ways to decorate the house that don’t involve a tree. We’re not Christians and while the tree has become a decidedly secular icon, NinjaHusband protests that it makes no sense and I’m meeting him halfway on this. I still want to use the many strings of lights and many, many ornaments I’ve collected over the years to make the house look all pretty. My plan is to decorate with faux pine garland and lights and ornaments in the garland — I just don’t know how to arrange the garland in the house. I have it in mind to tack it to the walls at crown molding level, up by the ceiling, but I’m not sure. I put it to you, dear readers, to tell me how best to set up my seasonal decor.

That’s all I have to report at the moment. Further updates as events warrant. And so forth.

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I have no time. None. Well, a little bit. But not enough to write a full-on post about what I’ve been doing and what I think about it. You must deal with me writing in bullet points today, because that’s where my brain is. Bullet points.

Bullet Point One: Knitting
I have finished the baby blanket. Last night (the 17th), in fact. But the bind off is too loose and it makes me sad. I may undo it and redo it. No pictures, due to the sad.

Bullet Point Two: The Reason for the Knitting
My friend’s baby was born at 9:21pm on Tuesday night. Mom and baby are doing well, and would be doing a lot better if their hospital would take some time to realize that birthing women are human beings and deserve to be treated as such.

In honor of the new baby girl, I took a bunch of pictures of the day, and here’s my favorite:

Flower & Bee

Bullet Point Three: Work
I’ve been busy doing this, and it’s eating my brain. A lot.

Bullet Point Four: Curtains!
My Mom is helping me make curtains for our bedroom, and it’s sort of slow going because I’ve never sewn anything at all before (really, nothing) and I’m completely intimidated by it. Although I’m getting rather adept at pinning things together:

More pinning
god, I hate that wallpaper so much.

That’s all.

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