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Green is my color

I didn’t get last week’s pictures up last night because I was busy finishing this:

Tuscany cast off

Excuse me while I go block it.


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Or two winners. Or three. Many. We have many winners.

First winner: Me! I win because 104 of you delightful blog readers commented on my post. One hundred four comments. This is a new record, people! I’m totally stoked about having more than 100 comments, which means I have more blogs to peruse at my leisure, and I hope I stay semi-interesting enough for you to stick around and enjoy my show. Hooray!

Second winner: Casey (whose Etsy shop you must check out) was randomly chosen by the random number generator. It chose comment #42, which I think shows a lot of intelligence in a piece of software. Casey tells me that she has not one bit of sock yarn in her stash, and that my Fern-colored yarn will be the first. Casey, I dropped the yarn in the post office bin today, and you should get it in about a week. Hooray!

Third winner: The votes definitely trended toward the Tuscany shawl, but I have to say that I heard some really compelling arguments for (and against!) all the patterns. Thank you for taking the time to outline your reasons, and for throwing your opinion into the ring. I suppose the ultimate vote is up to me, seeing as I’ll be the one knitting on the project…
and I chose, predictably…
Tuscany shawl, pattern detail
The Tuscany Shawl.

I mean, I love all the other patterns and I’m going to knit them all up at some point, but I’ve been lusting after this damn thing since 2007. It’s time.

BMFA STR Med in Jade

Yep, it’s time I start working this beautiful yarn into something beautiful.

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